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That would have made sense if Twilight had only been suspicious. Since it was established by the end of the episode that she actually was jealous of them having fun without her, that explanation doesn't work. Twilight was acting like a 6-year-old.

Also, fuck you and your typical condescending suggestions.

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Sorry, but that was just too dumb. Obviously, they don't do everything with Twilight. Obviously, they have had jokes that she wasn't a part of before. This is an episode where you can really tell it was written for 6-year-olds. As some people have said, the Bob Ross and Back To The Future references were the best parts, which is sad because references are an idiot's replacement for actual humor. When you are talking to your friends and you are able to relate your immediate situation to something in popular culture, that is kind of witty. When you sit down and write a screen play and insert references to popular culture, that isn't witty at all.

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I just hope this isn't "Make New Friends But Keep Discord" Discord again. Discord has the potential to become a really tedious character if they don't do him right.

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I guess they thought it was weird, but I'm good at ignoring what other people think about me because it has been a necessary survival instinct since 6th grade. My siblings decided that they like it too, and that probably made my parents think it was less weird. I don't think my siblings watch it any more though. I don't have any human friends. I like my acquaintances to know that I'm crazy, so wearing pony shirts only helps. My only regret is how stupid "brony" sounds. The one time a guy in my lab asked me if I was a brony, I said that I don't identify with that label. I'm a furry goddammit! Just last night I was watching Disney's "The Rescuers", and I just have to say that Bianca is pretty damn sexy.

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#22 "Doop, I wonder what 'pebble' refers to." ~Seth

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They established that, even if they are cousins, they are very distant cousins, so it is totally legal for them to get married. There is only usually a legal issue for first cousins.

Also, we need more ponies whom talk like the Pies. That was hilarious.

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Another amazing episode.

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What is this mystical world where having children will "bring joy and love and cheer to everyone around you?" People tolerate other people's kids. The only joy they feel is when the parents leave and take the kids with them. Seriously, a bunch of smelly yard apes will mostly bring woe and aggravation to you and those around you.
If you want "joy and love and cheer," get a dog or a cat.

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You beat me to it, you glorious bastard.

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A stillborn.