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Pretty close. But the P stands for Poop.

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Finally. I can get my very own tubby wubby pony waifu.

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I can do the voice but I'm not so good at speaking in that rapid pace.

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I can do a great Chell voice and a decent Companion Cube if needed.
Call me!

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Is this sent out via e-mail? I haven't heard anything from them about my order yet, except them wanting a review on the figures.
Sure could be usefull to get some money off from that international shipping.

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"Where is the foal who has been born to be princess of friendship?
For we observed her star at its rising, and have come to worship her."

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I made that gif. Seems like it got quite a spread. :)

You see, I have the tag "scrunchy face" as a watched tag on derpibooru and started to notice how many times Applejack showed up because of it. So I decided to show others who the scrunchiest pony is.

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Now you may say that I lack self-preservation.
But that Pinkie Pie animatronic sure is adorable.

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*Sigh* Good times.
Ponyville Cantina played a significant part to introduce me to this whole pony fandom madness.

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And If I bought it I would probably have to pay around 45 dollars extra for customs charge once it got here.