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That's actually really cheap for a playmat.

Plus it's a great thing to do for those of us who love Derpy, love the card game, and aren't able to go to conventions.

Thanks Enterplay.

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So how long until Pixelkitties releases the full art for that Derpy card so we can get our own playmats of that made, since price gougers and collectors are the only people who will have their hands on it?

Or will Enterplay be nice to us casual players and release it seperate in their online store?

I'm not holding my breath for the second one, given Enterplay's track record.

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Wait, you keep your equipment as well?

I get to keep my Ornstein set?


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Or what? Calpain will drop the iron fist on us?

All the more reason to do it I say.

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Here I sit, still going through the DLC on my first playthrough.

Did beat Artorias first time though.

Shame it wasn't a blind fight.

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While there are off-topic strings, there are usually only 1-2 of them max per thread. If you really want to moderate them, I'm in no position to stop you.

I'm just saying you're driving away some of the most known faces in EQD barring the staff because you feel like the off-topic threads are a bad thing. Yes, they're off-topic, that much is a fact. They're far from bad though. They're really quite entertaining if you start participating, unless they spiral out of control like it did yesterday. That was the first time I've seen something like that happen in the 2 years I've come to this site. 2 years, and only once have I seen the off-topic posts get out of hand.

That one is apparently enough to start bringing down the iron fist because something you could just delete got posted, and it's a baaaaaaaaad thing that it happened. I'm just not seeing the logic behind it.

I just think it's rather silly and a little bit unnerving that you go from "Yeah this is ok, because we still have the Nightly Roundup comments as an off topic sort of thing, since they were already" to "WE'RE GOING TO START BANNING OFF-TOPIC POSTERS NOW BECAUSE ONE SINGLE THREAD WENT TOO FAR". That's a HUGE turn.

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Picture #26 from Drawfriend #926. not even behind a saucy or "Potential NSFW" tag.

If you'd like, I can go and dig through more drawfriends, but this is the one that stands out in my mind.

If you want to moderate the comments, I'd suggest you at least check out the pages of the pictures linked in the drawfreinds ahead of time.

The commenters here comment for fun and out of boredom. Yes they get a bit rowdy sometimes, but it's never off the deep end "We're spamming porn 24/7 to make a point" like you're making it seem to be. It was one instance.

If it were a more common thing (which to be fair, it should've been around the time of Mist, but I digress), then I could understand threatening to hand out bans for daring to get a bit off-topic.

You're turning a fun comment section into totalitarian rule.

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When the site itself constantly links to deviantart pages that have clop on it?

Yeah. If you can't moderate the content by checking ahead of time, you shouldn't moderate the comments either.

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Or you could let them be, since they're always like this.

Good job, Calpain. You've thrown out the jerk card.

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Still none in WV/VA.

Eventually my nagging will get someone to start up a tournament scene here.