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Here are the links for the two Star Trek episodes I commissioned this week, 24 clicks available on each - enjoy! :-)

ST Voyager 5x10
ST Deep Space Nine 7x10

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Meh, this really did nothing to get me interested in this season.

If I hear positive things in the reviews, then I might take a peek at the season, otherwise I'm out for now. I think I'd ~maybe~ be willing to binge-watch the season after it airs if I hear the finale is worthwhile, but for now, I need some separation from my frustration with the show.

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Crap, I am so sorry.

I will happily continue flipping tables around though, in protest to this terrible, terrible episode.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Yep - I agree too. I'm pretty sure the only reason I'll ever watch/read about SPN season 11 will be through Mark's reviews. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I just don't care anymore. Supernatural just needs to be put out of its misery with S11. It shouldn't feel like such a chore to watch the show, but that's what it's become for me. I love the actors, and they've honestly been one of the main reasons I've stuck around the last couple seasons, but the writing & showrunning is making me hate it, and I hate that I've come to hate the show, because I enjoyed it so much in earlier seasons. So I think this will be where I stop, and if Mark has the same feelings of not enjoying it anymore, then I'd fully support him if he decided to quit the show & not watch S11.

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I have never before been so frustrated and mad about a show before. WHAT THE HELL, SUPERNATURAL?

What makes me even more pissed off about how/why Charlie was killed is the lame reasoning Carver has given for why they went the route of killing her (instead of many other options that would still result in the predictable, annoying, Winchester manpain). It was apparently "where the story took them" which is total BS.

Their excuses would be laughable if they weren't so insulting.

Just own up to it, please, writers/producers. You made a mistake. Don't try to pull out these crap excuses like the story made you do it - no, you've made terrible, terrible choices, and not owning up to it (and having just about the worst reason/excuse) just serves to infuriate the fandom even more than the pile of crap episode you've given us. You will never be forgiven for this, ever. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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I think I'll have to join you in the #killitwithfire territory. I almost didn't watch the last two episodes too - juvyr gur arkg bar vf bxnl, gung svanyr jnf GREEVOYR. V'z fgvyy gbea nobhg jurgure V'yy npghnyyl jngpu arkg frnfba, ohg fvapr Znex vf, zbfg yvxryl V'yy fgvyy jngpu. Gura ntnva, V pbhyq whfg ernq uvf erivrjf, juvpu vf na bcgvba gb tnhtr vs gur jevgvat fbzrubj znantrf gb vzcebir. V'z abg irel bcgvzvfgvp gung vg'yy npghnyyl unccra gubhtu.

I really wish we'd all received a better episode. The fandom deserved better. Charlie certainly deserved so much better.

After I first saw the episode, I sort of sat in horror, both wishing I could warn Mark and hoping that maybe he would just never get to this point. Like, maybe we could somehow shield him from it so he didn't have to see this infuriating mistake of an episode. With every point you make here, detailing why this was a terrible episode, my mind runs through that "Fuck this shit I'm out" video that rain_of_stars posted above. It perfectly fits my rage toward this episode.

#1 - Yeah, the setup was pretty good in the cold open, and early in the episode I was hopeful for a good/decent episode for my commission, since it did have Cas and Charlie together again, but wow was I wrong. So much wasted potential in this episode.
#4 - YES - she would never do that. So OOC. grrrrrrr
#6-8 - UGGGH this annoys me so much. So much wasted potential with Cas, Charlie, and Rowena.
#10 - this is a huge problem, particularly near the end of the season here - they keep saying he's getting worse but they don't really show it. He actually seems to be dealing with it quite well, all things considered.
#12 - I hate it when Cas is written like he's incapable of directing others - have we forgotten that he was a skilled warrior and commander? He is fully capable of handling a chaotic situation like that. ugggggh
#14 - I noticed that right away upon my first watch - seemed like a glaring mistake, and it made me soooo worried about where they would take this, with lazy writing like that. D:
#16 - Yeah this was my livetweet reaction to this reveal: "The house of what? bahahaha okay then" Maybe in the right writers' hands, this could have been a decent reveal, but it seemed laughable how they revealed it.
#31-34 - WHAT THE HELL, SUPERNATURAL? In what world would they ever think any of this is okay?

Excellent rant!

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*nods* I love your entire rant. I'm so pissed that yet again, the SPN writers/producers/network is so out of touch that they've given us this flaming pile of crap, after clearly not learning this lesson the last time. I'm mad that not only did they not learn their lesson - this time feels like an even cheaper version of their typical death-for-shock-value garbage that they like to pull. Your rant is 100% on-point and I wanted to high-five you with each and every of your points.

That video is perfect. Kim Rhodes is the best. <3

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Oh yeah - I agree about being okay with displays of patriotism (I think the pledge of allegiance is pretty creepy too). I've seen a few people share posts that have a sports team flag with the comment "this flag offends me, take it down." which they might think is harmless & funny, but to me it seems like it's mocking the legitimate reasons for wanting the confederate flag taken down. I dunno, maybe it's just me though.

tw: religious bigotry
The one that really gets me going is when I see claims that the "end times" are near and God's apparently going to smite the U.S. or something because of the marriage equality ruling. Like, on the one hand it's bizarrely funny that people don't realize there are other countries who have had marriage equality for years, and ~somehow~ they're still standing. Is the U.S. the only country that God cares about? Really? On the other hand, it's been pretty sad and almost terrifying for me to realize how many people I know who buy into that crap. I grew up in a conservative Christian family & church, so I guess it's not that surprising, but I thought more of them would be a little more reasonable.

I normally don't post a lot on facebook, but I saw a ridiculous article posted by my aunt about how the ruling means Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs (like, it stated people would be arrested and even killed because of it), and it made me so mad I could not let that thing go without a comment. I called out the fact that not only is that completely untrue with no basis in reality, but it's just sad how often I've seen Christian groups seek out any opportunity to appear as the martyr when that's the opposite of what they are, especially in this situation. I've been teetering on the verge of giving up on church, and seeing all of this garbage is not encouraging. It makes me want to give up on church altogether, especially when I've received a couple responses questioning whether I'm a "true" Christian because of my support of marriage equality. a;kldjf;alea;fldj;asfkja;oidlkj

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I've been seriously thinking about doing the same & unfriending a bunch of people for so much hateful or even racist crap over the past week. So far I've mostly unfollowed people so I don't see their hateful posts, but that still means they can comment on my posts, so mass unfriending might still be in my future.

I could definitely use more love and kindness in my feed - I'll send you a request! :)

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Bahahaha, this is wonderful, I love it. I really needed a good laugh too - thank you for posting! <3