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Its harder work to lend an ear and a mic to people you feel you don't connect with, who don't stand for your beliefs. But no one is ever perfect and if our forefathers could finally settle on a Constitution I'm sure we can come together at this dark time and speak well for each other.

I don't understand people's fear of our differences. I respect and value ALL people who make me think, who provoke my thought process. I can't for one minute become so egotistical that I believe all my ideas are the best and everyone else is wrong. It would not do ANYONE justice. Our differences aren't supposed to divide us, they're supposed to define us.

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I think its time we have a pep talk. And this thread shows why. So here's to you America; We the People, Land of the Brave, Home of the Free. Our people have banded together in the hardest of times to always overcome our fears and problems. Our people created many industries that today thrive around the world. We have our car, our airplane, our peanut butter, pencil sharpners, super soakers. When we went to the moon, as Gallagher once said, we did it with style. We took our car and brought along a cozy house.

Our very lineage who first crossed the oceans in the May Flower wanted nothing else than a better life. They got it, through hard work and diligence. They were brave enough to come to a new world and found a new colony. When we were tired of being pushed around, we took the colony out of the equation and formed a Continental Congress. We fought a long, bloody battle, but our passion never let us down.

So don't let those in Washington who seem to distrust our ability to make sound choices get you down. I know that when the time comes just as I can count on you, you can count on me. We will walk through this hazy, muddled time period and show the world around us that once again we can work together well and continue to be a giving society. Many of our detractors, home and abroad a like, will have you try to believe that the world fears our culture, that its only pervasive because we are so pushy. Don't let them fool you! You know that those nations we share our wealth and love for take part in our culture because they value our contributions.

So here's to us America. Here's to you and me. I only wish I could live long enough to see what we will have accomplished in another 233 years!

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I don't disagree with you at all. It is true that our media has become biased in the light of so many corrupt backers. People once called this idea conspiracy paranoia, but you've got to wonder...why WOULD the Rockefeller Foundation purchase the rights to Encyclopaedia Britannica? People pass out the word "revisionist history" so often, and yet...they don't realize how often "official" knowledge is twisted to the will of the corrupt.

The death of our nation is not set in stone as yet. I've a feeling that if worse comes to worse, we'll be facing a lot of bloodshed. And I hope I'm wrong. I hope we can regain our sight and principles before it comes to that.

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Very true travlor. As so many have pointed out here its best to attack the actions and issues at hand, then work at figuring out what to do with the incompetent politicians on a personal and individual basis.

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I don't believe its going to happen without us rallying behind each other again. Hopefully someday we will be able to force our lemmings (err, leaders) to return to the common sense first penned so many years ago. Not only do I believe state and local government is the best way to assist the american people, I can only think about the "fifty different flavors" of democracy that we could be enjoying right now. All powers not granted by the Federal Body via the Constitution are left up to the states.

Kinda hard to remain looking competent when so many states are all too busy asking for bailouts.

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I appreciate your sentiments. =) I'll reply with "I'm only human." I try to do the best that I can, and go in the direction that I feel is the best for everyone...as far as this site being a bit hard to get around, if you click on peoples names and hit "follow" their future postings will be highlighted for you. I suggest you try it with a few people you want to keep tabs on!


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This is a well thought out response, chrstsldr. You are very correct in observing the American education system in relation to others ideas. Its no surprise that our nation has taken ideas from others, for it is largely the result of immigration anyway.

When I was in elementary school we learned the basis of several different faiths. We were taught to respect each other and value our differences. This served me well, for my Junior/Senior year I fought for the rights of the kids in my school to not only openly hold prayer in class, but for Anton LaVey-Satanism to be freely practiced, too. My point is it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you stand for sound morality and uphold responsibility. Everyone should have a chance to explore their spirituality, and reguardless where they come from or to, as long as they're useful to themselves and society at large the end result should be quite the same.

My teachers, even up to my graduating senior year, did well to make you want to learn and expand your knowledge. I don't believe the educational system is broken, so much as its the kids being sent to school that have so many family and social issues.

The greatest of teachers are hardly recognized. I work at a local liquor store, and in the interest of disclosure, it is true I'm only twenty four. But I can't believe the way these kids act! I moved from Ohio to Southern California in 2000, and I found the school system to be much better. I loved it! I am a geek, though. I do love to learn.

Many of these kids here are the by-product of Haight-Ashbury. Or so it seems. In the end, our society as a whole has lost its will to communicate with thy neighbours. We fear people or berate them. Divide:Conquer.

Its truly appalling that we are allowing ourselves to be herded in such a manner. In the end, our school system probably does need reform. But I think if we are to become a society of community-based businesses again, it would be more wise to re-institute some ideas of old. Children should be encouraged to learn, but it wouldn't do harm to teach a trade. Higher education should be encouraged as well, and it bewilders me that more people don't use the tools offered to them by a lot of the higher education institutes online. So many free courses are available today.

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I work at a liquor store in a small town. I've spoken of the injustice of AIG to a few of my older and wiser customers. It saddens me that a)some think I'm young and stupid or that b) others still feel more jealous about people getting paid more than them. Who cares that 65B left our shores? Those derned AIG execs are living better than I am!

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I sincerely thank you BOTH! My room mate is a 65 year old vietnam vet, volunteer firefighter, and ex-jail worker. While I may never always agree with what our country does over seas or the laws it enacts against the people, your willingness to put up or shut up is the greatest thing you have done. It saddens me people fear those who want to have firearms and form militias. If you should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, than wouldn't it make sense the power of sensible people in large groups is greater?

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Fed up..heheh! I've long tried to tackle the problems of keeping people interested in their jobs. My first comment is always in this regard "the day politics became a major in college, was the day politics stopped becoming useful to the people."

In the end, what we need to do is build in protections against greed and uselessness. I don't know if I really want to impose term limits, because I think thats too easy of an inelegant solution. What if there IS someone that truly rocks? How far and few between ARE the honest ones?

In the end, I think we need to pay everyone in DC the same amount. From President to Congress to Senate. If you REALLY want your job, you'll do it because you want to contribute. I think also, we need to keep little "gifts" on the public record, too. And did I mention enact legislation to neuter lobbyists? Actually, I think lobbying has a real use...just not for any corporation!

Anyway, there's a few of my ideas. Mileage may vary.