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My first recommendation would be to lose the illogical demand that any defense be a departure from Beck or Limbaugh. What we are discussing here is philosophical, so there will be points of agreement between those who hold to the same philosophy.

That said, Timothy Geitner was aware of these bonuses quite a while ago. Although many conservatives were very unhappy with President Bush for handing over tons of bailout money for questionable reasons with no strings attached, we are no longer living under a Bush administration. Timothy Geitner knew well ahead of time about these bonuses. He is an Obama cabinet appointment, not a Bush appointment. So for President Obama to pretend that he is upset about this is highly disingenuous. For President Obama to spend money quicker than mathematicians can multiply figures while at the same time repeatedly saying, "the economy that we inherited," is simply an attempt at subterfuge.

Obama may very well be good at misdirection, so he might make a good magician's assistant, but he's by far the worse president we've ever had in my estimation. But as you rightly pointed out, it's only been a little more than 50 days, so I'm sure he will be able to damage our country much more than he has already in the upcoming 3.75 years.

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You've brought up the reason I am so concerned with this new administration. It actually appears that they are intentionally trying to bring our nation down.

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These children have reportedly tested two years above their grade levels, and yet the judge determined that their education is deficient. According to the local North Carolina news article about this, "all sides agree the children have thrived with home school," and yet the judge ruled that they be moved back to public school after four years of successful homeschooling stating that he was "concerned about the children's religion-based science curriculum."

This decision does not appear to be legitimate at all, but rather a show of anti-religious or anti-Christian fervor.

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I wonder how many people are beginning to agree with Rush Limbaugh's statement about hoping that President Barack Obama's policies will fail.

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The States have rights over the Fed? I think that principle was thrown out in the War Between the States. We have been walking further and further away from the vision of our founding fathers for quite some time now. And we seem to be running at full-tilt now.

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How, exactly, is America a legitimate threat to Russia?

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The further that this presidency progresses the less I believe that Barack Obama is actually trying to help our nation. Even with differences of opinion, I have always thought that previous presidents wanted what was best for the nation. But more and more I am questioning whether this is so for this president.

I sure miss Ronald Reagan and hope that one of the Republican leaders will step up and show themselves to be a Ronald Reagan clone.

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I have been tremendously disappointed in McCains comments regarding Sarah Palin since election day. She was tossed to the curb the second the election was decided. I didn't know anyone who was enthused about voting for John McCain, but after the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket, I knew quite a few people who were excited about voting. I am one of those.

I hope we see Sarah Palin again in future elections and I hope the Republican Party recognizes that what enthused and excited their voting bloc was her commitment to conservative ideals.

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I've often wondered about how that will look. I don't expect noise, but I think there will be light--and it will be coming from Jesus.

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