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2 - create COMMUNITY! This does not mean weekly policy bashing parties. This means get to know each other. Know that these people are your friends and will be there to support each other. Help each other be accountable for the principles and values in your daily lives. Get personal! Start opening up. Start looking within. Question everything that you think you know so that we can weed out any of the false facts that have been fed to us all these years. All of us suffer from this. Get rid of assumptions and replace them with facts. The community is the best place to do this. Get to know the other small communities near you.

3 - ACT! Brainstorm with your community on the small things you can do together. Calling congressman. Protests. Brainstorm ideas but always ALWAYS share them with your other area 9/12 communities and send them up the chain. The more ideas that come up the chain the better! Even if your idea doesn't take off, others might and then the national and state level groups can filter them back down to all the smaller groups and get us moving.

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here is what ALL 9/12 project groups can do.

1 - yes... educate yourselves! I do not necessarily mean JUST studying today's issues. We all need to take a trip to the past and remind ouselves where these principles and values came from. Read the 5000 year leap. Read other books about our founding fathers. Read the constitution. Read the books about our history after the civil war. Read what a true progressive is. Remember that our own citizens are not our enemies, but they can have flawed thinking while being well intended. Everyone in your group can study one issue and bounce it off the principles and values and report to your group. Video tape your reports and make them available to all your states groups or all groups nationally. Keep it objective and straight forward. principles and values need no emphasis. They just ARE and thats all we need to see.

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oh crap.. guess I had better get all 'HUSH HUSH' about all this then huh? :P No more thinking aloud everyone. We are not allowed to question authority or we will be labeled as a domestic terrorist. The only weapon I need is the Constitution and its Amendments.

Everyone in here, its OUR job to hold the gov't accountable. Its important that we all understand the real picture going on and handle that first. Then and only then, can we return to our table and argue policy.

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Seems to me that AIG is just a (or one of many) front companies to launder money through. To Glenn's credit, he did show on Tuesday's tv show all the billions of dollars they sent to other companies both in and outside of the US. No one is hollering about that, yet they are all yelling about a few hundred million that is, by rule of law, contractually obligated to those employees which is just a huge distraction from the main point. The gov't has no standing by which they can interfere with such contracts.. but I digress.

I have faith in Glenn. He just might get that ah ha moment we are hoping he gets soon. I sometimes wonder if he has reasons to only scratch the surface on purpose because if the number 2 show on TV news and the number 3 radio talk show host starts yelling about the actual meat and potatoes, then he could actually find himself in danger.

Notice that the Fed 'bought' 1 trillion dollars in bonds and securities today with money they created to put more money in the market to help stimulate the economy?

Everyone needs to understand this:

Lets compare the fed to a real estate developer. A real estate developer buys land, materials, and labor and creates a property worth selling. They can also own their own mortgage company, title company, insurance company, lawn company, and pest control company. A buyer buys the property, uses that mortgage company and insurance company and title company for the closing. They hire the lawn company and pest control to maintain the house. The real estate developer then made a profit at the sale, closing fees to the mortgage company, fees to the title company, and monthly from insurance, lawn, and pest control. Great business model to build actually. A testament to a free market society.

Here is the kicker. The FED does exactly what I described with money, except they don't buy land, materials, or labor. Its like they have a genie and just make the property appear out of thin air. There is no limit to how much they CAN produce. And in this scenario, the mortgage, title, insurance, lawn, and pest control companies are represented by all the partners of this private bank cartel known as the Fed that include very large banks and the US Gov't. Yes, the Fed is NOT a gov't agency, its a private agency that the Gov't is a partner with.

Every event that happens, be it financial prosperity or meltdown serves their purpose. They make money no matter what and they use the meltdowns to have the gov'ts of the world to panic and move more and more towards a more centralized banking system.

Stop.... breathe... and think about this. Let it crunch in your head everyone. Just imagine if there was 1 central bank that controlled the entire world's currencies or single currency if that ever happens? Really think about it.

He who has absolute control of the flow of currency is master. Notice that I didn't say he who has the most money is master. All of you able minded people, do some research on your own. Read some books. Ask questions. All of these policy arguments don't amount to much if we truly don't have control of our country. Lets do what we have to in order to get off this system controlled by the fed and free ourselves finally. Then and only then can we go back to arguing policy. When that happens then I'll be all over the conservative policy band wagon with you and be ready to make our gov't adhere to the principles and values we believe in.

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I am well aware of the book although I haven't read it. I do understand however the jist of what went on. Thanks for your recommendation.

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...because the Fed creates the money from nothing that the Gov't uses but offers it up as a 'loan' but then charges interest on that money. Then, the money flows out to who ever, always ending up in some bank at any given time who then all lend that money out and charge interest on those loans. In the back room all the banks are members of this large bank cartel called 'The Fed' with the Gov't as a partner who can use their rule of law to enforce what it is the Cartel wants to be done.

The Fed creates it, collects interest from it by directly handing it out, then its members also charge interest on it as they then loan it out to consumers.

Then on the side, we then decide to spend more than we have so we borrow money by offering treasury bonds that China enjoys buying up which then we create a bigger interest bill that we have to pay each year so then we keep borrowing money from the fed and pay interest on that t pay for that interest.... Am I close?

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What he is trying to say is THINK BIGGER than just Liberal vs Conservative..... it doesn't mean you don't have valid arguments when penning Conservative Policies against Liberal ones.... think bigger than just that box.

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In response to: "None of your income tax goes to welfare queens or slackers. All of your income tax goes to the banks that these families control."

I think what you are implying here is that if we think that who's hands the money ends up in isn't the point, its those who actually CONTROL the money. The banks don't have power by HOLDING all this money, they have power by having the control of its flow. Correct?

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Whats the probability that Glenn is possibly dismissing the big picture that you see as just 'crazy conspiracy' or him just not see the bigger issue as more times than none, we humans tend to deny facts without seeing them. I'll be honest I naturally want to give people the benefit of the doubt. I would hope Glenn would be ignorant of the truth as opposed to being openly deceitful.

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I was unable to reply to your subsequent comments so I am submitting a new comment here.
First of all I get what you are saying. Let me paraphrase it in such a way that maybe others can objectively see it also. Correct any of these points if I am wrong:

1. The argument isn't Conservative Policy vs Liberal Policy within our US borders.
2. The argument isn't to bail out or to not bail out.
3. The argument isn't about our national policy at all, that is just a small piece of the puzzle.
4. The argument is not about a political party in our country trying to destroy wealth or control economies.
5. The argument is not about a bias media, which ever way the slant goes.
6. The argument is not whether China will dump our dollar, although that could be a step in a much bigger plan.
7. The argument is not whether we will be at war with Iran or Russia or North Korea or China or Venezuela or etc, etc etc.
8. The argument is not about oil wealth, or natural gas wealth.
9. The argument is not about to be green or not to be green.
10. The argument is not about should we believe in man-made global warming or not.
11. The argument is not whether Barack Obama is a citizen or not.
12. The argument is not whether the Democrats or the Republicans caused this financial matter, however the question of WHO did it actually starts you in the right direction but is still just the tip of the iceberg.

What you are saying is this, everything we are discussing on here, are very small details that are basically unimportant ONLY when compared to the true issue at hand, which is that the wealthiest people in the world, not to be confused with just the general 'wealthy', are much more powerful and intertwined than we are lead to believe because we are too busy arguing the above points. And while we all, Glenn included, believe we are really fighting the good fight on principles and values that are worthy of guarding and fighting for, we are really missing the point that it all doesn't matter if the top level plan of this like minded group of the world's wealthiest people finalize their plan to create a scenario where they control the currency of the world either through a central bank using a central currency for which the countries of the world are basically moving towards by working to create some kind of global new deal.

If this plan should happen to succeed, then our lively hoods will be based on a small group of people who have complete control of the world's commerce which is what Jefferson warned us about in the quote you used previously:

"If the American people ever allow the banks to control issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied." — Thomas Jefferson

So the REAL problem that you are trying to get everyone to see is that we are all naive to think that this fight is contain only with our country's borders. Correct?

So that being said, in your estimation, what is the next step?