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And what about BO agreeing to open us to an international economic panel that will dictate what our country's companies can and can't do is weakening our country in a way that none of us should want. We make the decisions in our country not others telling us what we can do.
Hello world. We are proud of our past and want our future to be just as great. I want to live in the greatest country God has granted to any people. We are SPECIAL and we should all be proud of that.
Thanks for letting me vent. We need to wake up and demand WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. God help us.
I hope I'm not alone in my feelings.

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The President's speech in France today has gotten me so upset. The man who is suppose to represent all us to the world would go to another country and trash the USA and all the people who are proud to be Americans. To have a president that is ashamed of his country-who blames America first. From the President - This is something that I can't believe. We are a proud, hardworking and giving people and to have the president slap us all in the face-for what? To have the Europeons like him. Did he get their cooperation on anything? Are the going to help us. To say we don't see "Europe's leading roll in the world". What leading roll? Where?When?
I feel our President and his administration wants us to be subservient to Europe and not be the leader we always have been. To be one of many instead of standing above as we always have is not what I want for this country. I am proud of this country and I won't let these people take that away from us.

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1- Term limits - No life long members of either the House or Senate
2- Fair Tax - Let us pay taxes on what we purchase not on what we earn
3- Balanced budjet - Except for at a time of War our budjet can be balanced by eliminating spending and forcing the government to do things right the first time.
4- Total support for our military - Money and when we send them to war let them fight to win.
5- No universal healthcare
6- Live by the Constitution and not allow anyone to change it without a super majority of the countries people voting for that change.
7- Small Government - Really small.

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What we need is to have our tax dollars in our communities that we pay for education to be assigned to the kids not the schools. Then we as parents can choose the school we want our kids to attend and pay them for that education. This would force the schools to teach what we want and the competition for those dollars would make these schools better. Imagine going to schools and asking the right questions, and WE decide where our kids are educated, not being forced to send them to a school that stinks. Put the power in our hands not the governments.

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My suggestions of our demands to Washington:

1. Term Limits for House and Senate. 2 Years for each. Imagine when the people in Washington concentrated on the peoples business and not getting reelected.

2. Suspend compensation and benefits for elected officials after they leave office. Here's an idea - Go get a job in the real world like the rest of us.

3. Require all members of both houses and the White House to have held a job in the private sector before they can run for office. Remember when the members were like the people they represented- farmers, bankers, business people. What they need to learn is what WE THE PEOPLE do everyday. WORK!!

4. Let's demand that all elected officials in Washington must stop drawing a salary until they get this mess cleaned up. We are doing our parts, lets demand they do theirs. Work for us for free until this economy has recovered. Until they allow the capitalist system to work. THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION.


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I totally agree. If we united we are more powerful in numbers. I live in Winter Springs, Florida and hope there are others that I can meet so that we can get this moving. We have very little time the take our country back and I think we all need to whatever we can.

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I totally agree. If we don't stop allowing people to keep us apart then we will really become We The People that any elected official will sit up and take notice to. We have to find in us the 912 feelings that we all had and apply it everyday. We can't wait. Our country is slipping away. Our country that I grew up to love. I know that we can do this together. This is the opportunity for us to have one purpose again.