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I understand the whole "electable" issue. My concern is that is the same logic that gave us McCain. I think the saving grace for either Newt or Mitt is that both are politicians first and foremost. So they will move the direction that they think will get them elected or re-elected and then it is up to us to keep pushing them to the conservative end of the scale. And if he is nominated, I will vote for Newt and pray daily for an "electable" true conservative leader.

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"Don't that just make your heart swell with pride in our justice system?"
And our education system?

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Love it! Make Obama and the DemocRat controlled Senate go on record opposing a pipeline that creates high paying jobs AND reduces our dependence on the Middle East for oil. My question is, what took so long Mr. Speaker??

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I believe Newt calls himself a Progressive, a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive, but a Progressive nonetheless. Do you really believe he will reduce government's reach into our everyday life? I don't and he doesn't say he will. I do not understand how anyone who considers himself a conservative would support Gingrich over Bachman, Santorum, or even Perry. That being said, if Newt wins the nomination, he gets my vote November 2012.

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Your response nails it perfectly. It illustrates the need for less government, not more. Like many on this site, I accept the congressman's explanation, this time. But I am watching closely.

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West has been outstanding on almost all issues. I would really like to hear his rationale for this vote before I make a decision about him. That said, it doesn't look good. In Issa's case, I'm afraid you are right. He has talked a good talk, but his walk has been disappointing.

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Very disappointing! I would love to hear an explanation from both Issa and West. And it had better be good.

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This entire series of events, starting with the 2010 elections show the true face of America. Even in the progressive stronghold of Wisconsin, the majority of Americans want small government. Now that we are awake, we have to stay awake! The other side will not let up. As the author said, every vote counts, from school boards all the way to the White House. We can't just vote, we have to educate ourselves and then vote. And yes, congratulations to Wisconsin voters. The rest of will follow your lead.

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"If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns." - Edward Abbey

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America is not trying to "undo the results of that war." Obama is trying to undo the results of that war. The real America supports Israel.