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FARM........ Animals, dirt, seeds, water, equipment, barns.

Welfare ........ Handouts for votes.

Charity........ Freely given subsidies which can enclude, food, shelter, medicines etc.

Corruption....... Our current form of government.

Our constitution is no more than a faded document being trompeled and ignored by the very people that have benefitted from its inception ! 17 Trillion in debt are we... And people are going hungry? Are Homeless? Are dying on our streets from diseases without access to medical treatment? It is all lies and distortions and it is time to call these fiscal jackals to task...... Theft, bribery, corruption, all usurping the constitution all designed to mask compassion yet all the while ignoring the basic fundementaly truth and that is you have NO constitutional right to steal from one citizen to hand over to another against his will.... And that is exactly what our government has been doing for decades.

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And the people cried were need more... and they were given more and that was not enough so they were given more......that continued until there was no more to give. And so it came to pass that the people turned on one another and became violent because there was no more. See, I can predict the future.

History is a stubborn thing along with reality..... it is predictable. That we have people in our society that have NEVER ever had any type of job in their lifetime, that have only known their magic EBT card and their mailbox or electronic deposit for a government check is sickening and sad. We have generational welfare passed on thru entitlement mentalities over decades of neglect and fraught with waste and duplicity all to secure a permanent population completely and entirely devoted to the perpetual theft from their fellow citizens that are forced to pick up the tab not only for themselves and their own families but all these others as well with literally no end ever in sight. Our leadership has failed us. There should have been a cap, or a limit per person, a period of time something to not allow for a permanent position of dependency we are forced to provide.

Until the purse strings are drawn closed and cut off..... the illegal confiscatory nature of our multi-billion dollar government candy-man raping is allowed to continue, the greedy nature of the beast will be allowed to devour all in it's path.

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We have bundlers that are experts at hiding Trillions.... We are told we have amassed over 16+ Trillions in Debt for generations to come......... This "Farm Bill" is exactly why we are in debt, I want you to replace the word debt with "Broke.... Or Bankrupt". Food stamps cannot be equated to the same category of "FARM" anything.

Small and large businesses are stealing from the taxpayers still stupid enough to get up and still show up at a job. When are we as a country going to put our collective foot down , close our wallets, and take to the streets and protest these bloated unconstitutional money grabs? This is not hard to figure out, section out any part of this Bill that does not involve "Farm".... All the rest is outright Bull Shirt!

Stealing... Massive uninhibited unabashed theft... Votes really cost , here's a small mathematics equation to help you decipher any bill these scoundrels try to pass... Take the current population ( legal citizens if you have that number) and divide it by the amount of the bill, you will see per person how much it shod cost per person.... Then take out anyone already exempt from paying taxes. Do this for each Bill they are trying to pass, that's how much the few left are paying.

Contact your elected reps.... They need to know this is wrong and it continue.

11 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Sore Winners – Mona ... · 1 reply · +3 points a result of this election those that have been served notice....AND the bill to fund all the FREE and entitlement programs the Democrats and progressive so very much demand.....I make a not so silent pledge to close my wallet, and stop all investments via payroll deduction through wage confiscation, I will also tighten my grip on any/all new purchases that may or may not have been on my short term expenditure bucket........ STARVE the beast mentality, that's what I have left, along with my pride. Democrats in general have become the party of bullies and thugs.....gangsters, and miscreants. Voter fraud is rampant in this nation. President Obama did not win this election on his losing platform or dismal record. They won this election by lies and theft, crony capitalism and freebies......

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When you play a game with liars and a cheats they will ALWAYS change the rules so that they win...... ALWAYS! Harry Reid is not just despicable he is downright evil incarnate.

John Boehner...... all greased up and ready for the pig race. So, do we at least get to fire Mr. has no pants yet? Or did we loose that right in this election too?

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The most amazing two words in the modern day American english vernacular are now "It's FREE"...... Sad that all the money I have already put into the pot will never get back to me by the time I GET to retire at 70 or later.

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Hey...... I just noticed.... When I use my arrow curser to go over the picture of the "O" it goes from an arrow to a finger... Boy is that fun... as I sing Up your nose...lalalalala.

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"It's good to be King!"

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Way too many venues to address. We have now a second term rule by edit President with Harry Reid ready to rape anyone at will with half the country cheering them on. We have been relegated to the status of plantation slaves, hear them...."make money so we can take it from you". Corrupt, fiscally and moralisticly bankrupt administration.... Harry and Obama now with no restraints ( because GOP excuse me for stating the obvious have no testicles) will increase the pressure on the makers neck to appease the takers they just convinced were entitled to steal from.

I am sick and tired of GOP' s excuses for not taking these people to the woodshed for a beating. Just wait till you get you carbon credit bill due upon receipt and deposited in the Environut bank of AlGore. Every crazy left wing wet dream money taking scheme will be unleashed on us..... Doggone it. Not a happy gal today!

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If money was handed out there is a document that exists with the peoples names... Those names are very important because they have connections, those connections need to be published.

We heard over and over and again the democrats screech Haliburton and trying to attach Haliburton to Bush and Cheney, but at least Haliburton did not fleece the American people and walk away from them with a pile of cash. Needless to also mention neither Bush nor Cheney were still affiliated with Haliburton either.

These GREEN industry jobs and companies have been a circle jerk and a fiscal raping of the American Taxpayer..... The taxpayer money redirected hand over fist with little to none over site...waste, fraud and crony capitalism in the worse example of government trying to create a private sector business ever done in the history of our country. Sick and sad example of theft EVER!