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The Master is back so clearly he let the Republicans borrow his TARDIS. Well actually, hers now.

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If girdles are designed to make your clothes lay flatter and remove visible pantly lines, then yes. Cuz that's all Spanx do. They just remove your panty lines. Cuz no one wants to know what kind of granny panties you are wearing.

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Hard to say that to a country that has no collective guilt about dropping nukes on 2 cities.

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Their DIF score was too high, a shareholder didn't report income correctly, forms didn't match up. At this point, most examinations are selected by computer.

If I were a wing nut I would just say they could just program the computer and NSA and freddumbs. However, IRS is basically a step above DOS right now sssssooooo given I don't even know how DOS worked I don't know if that's possible.

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In my case, it was tequila's. Could be the same thing though.

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The evil evil IRS would love that too!

Actually, they were investigating churches who participated in the political process (a big no no for 501c3s) and are leveraging fines. Since they can't make them pay taxes, the fine is a percentage of monies received and the possibility of them losing their status. However, all of this stopped thanks to Lois fucker Lerner and the scandalnonscandal.

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Porco's responses were hilarious. "I like a different man every night" or "there are no high maintenance items in my house, including plants or husbands." Nothing about pool boys tho....

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Never read the Yahoo comments.

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MSNBC is continuing the narrative that the protesters are doing something wrong and that the police are trying to stop them from ruining the town. Not Rachel or (heart throb) Chris but on Morning Joe and Jose Diaz. Ezra Klein called CNN out on this shit this morning.

tl;dr: Man, them uppities sure do need to calm down!

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The paperwork is intense. Most people don't read it and if they do, they don't understand. The loan people sure as hell ain't explaining it. Yeah, yeah, excuse.