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No help or Jesus here, only nuns.

And also sympathy, because THAT EPISODE.

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You can copy and paste in the rot13 website as suggested in the previous comment. If you're getting tired of copying & pasting, there are also browser extensions that will translate without having to switch tabs. I use one called LeetKey for Firefox. I don't know if there are similar tools for other browsers.

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For me, how much Doctor Who's junk science bothers me depends on the genre of the episode. Because the tone can vary so much from week to week, BS that I might ignore in one context can totally throw me out of the show in another.

Robot of Sherwood was a ridiculous swashbuckling romp, and I was having too much fun to care if it made a lick of sense. Gur bar jvgu gur gerrf vf nf zhpu snagnfl nf FS, rira zber guna hfhny ba Qbpgbe Jub, fb crefbanyyl V nz bxnl jvgu znffvir fhfcrafvba bs qvforyvrs.

But Kill the Moon is trying to be serious science fiction. That's a genre where I prefer to have at least vaguely plausible science. Kill the Moon's blatant disregard for even a middle school level of understanding of gravity, among numerous other scientific transgressions, really bugged me.

I'm a little more forgiving than you in that I could probably have rolled my eyes and sort of gotten over the bad science IF I'd enjoyed the rest of the episode. However, this episode had the Doctor going beyond "not nice" and into "pointlessly mean" in a way that I considered out of character and contained an anti-abortion allegory that made my blood boil. An effective creepy atmosphere and some good moments for Clara and Courtney were not anywhere close to enough to salvage this episode from the garbage heap.

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I'd love to see Mark watch Merlin, although I'm pretty sure it would be a mix of love for things it did well and interesting discussions of certain problematic things. (r.t. Zbetnan'f punenpgrevmngvba va fbzr frnfbaf, naq gur trareny jnl gung gur fubj frrzrq gb qrsvar evtug naq jebat cheryl ol jurgure na npgvba urycrq be uvaqrerq Zreyva naq Neguhe. Jura guvf fubj jnf tbbq vg jnf fhcre ybinoyr, ohg vg erthyneyl znqr zr jnag gb guebj guvatf ng gur fperra. Ohg gung'f nyfb na vagrerfgvat ernpgvba gb jngpu sebz Znex.)

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The crew has pulled some cons with serious morally dubious side effects before (rigging elections, for example), but this was the worst, IMHO. Quagga mussels are devastating to both human business involving those waterways and the local ecology. Putting quagga mussels in a new watershed completely alters what species can survive there. Unlike some of the collateral damage caused by the teams' cons, if the quagga mussels get out of the dam and into the larger ecosystem that harm CANNOT BE UNDONE.

I guess the crew was assuming that the dam managers would shut the dam off promptly and prevent the spread, but what if the dam managers had been slow to react? What if the water flow between the part of the dam where the mussels were dumped and the rest of the river couldn't be cut off quite completely? What if the dam operators had decided that it was in their economic best interests to keep the dam running for the time being until after the sale and let the Chinese buyers deal with the consequences of the mussel invasion? The risk is not acceptable.

All it would have taken was a few lines to establish that the mussels the team used were actually sterilized shells, not living and able to reproduce. Without such a reassurance, the team's actions are apalling to me.

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I was so excited to see Emma Caulfield's name pop up in the credits. ANYA!!!!!!! This seems like a natural career transition for an ex-vengeance demon.

She might be a grifter, but the woman who bought Hardison at the auction seemed pretty genuinely excited about winning him. But who can blame her?

I love that Eliot has the sophisticated food and wine knowledge to blend in to these extremely upper-crust situations. I love even more that Eliot picked out the perfect gifts for Parker and Sophie. He's such a romantic. ;)

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This was another fun episode. There were so many hilarious gags: the Irish goons bickering about the sanctity of church basements and reciting the boy scout law, the fridge mostly full of orange soda, Nate trying to explain the empty nun's habit with "rapture!", and more.

Eliot insisted that he doesn't think about Parker and Hardison. Suuuuuuuure, you just keep telling yourself that, Mr. Grumpy Cat.

This season certainly has a lot of gimmick episodes. Individually, I adore each of them! Collectively, it's starting to feel a bit like a meal consisting mostly of dessert without much in the way of protein or veggies. Still, I continue to deeply love this show and these characters.

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"I never think about you and Parker," Eliot says, lying through his teeth

Ha! Yes. This bit was my favorite. Methinks the hitter doth protest too much.

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The way I saw it with the plans is that Nate is trolling Hardison and Sophie, because they can take it. Parker doesn't get trolled about a plan with her death because she still benefits from reassurance that the team will always have her back, and she might miss the nuance that Nate is just messing with them. Eliot would catch that Nate was trolling about a plan involving his death, but Nate chooses not to. It's because of that tendency to lay down his life to protect that others that Eliot still benefits more from the reminder that his death would never be part of the plan.

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This is definitely one of those cons with a fair amount of collateral damage in terms of people's days being messed up. That was a lot of flights they delayed, so people are going to be missing connections. It's absolutely worth it to save the life of a kid, but I just can't help thinking of all the people stuck in the Cincinnati airport because of a fake tornado.

I enjoyed watching the team have to pull a con starting with pretty much nothing, not even their earbuds. I loved that after they explained that the method to get the first badge was going to be spraining Sophie's ankle, Parker chimed in with escalating ideas of how to injure teammates to accomplish the other steps. (We're going to break Eliot's wrist! We're going to set Nate on fire!)

Nate took the creepiness up to 11 in the final scene. Threatening Chesney when they were still trying to get the heart I can understand, but keeping it up after the con and going so far as to monitor not just his finances but his vital signs strikes me as going way beyond protecting the weak and into the territory of being creepy and vengeful. I hope this isn't the sign of where his character is going in the future.