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If you torrent, you can check out The Torrent Thread from the last Black Market where flatluigi put together links for each of the three seasons.

And if you prefer Dropbox I have everything except maybe 5 episodes of Season 3: uggcf://jjj.qebcobk.pbz/fu/qeqnu1xax7i7jy8/NNN3gs3a_nKNIDw6K4bQFmdnn?qy=0 (Link good through 9/6)

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Jane the Virgin: 2x10 - 2x12:

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No problem! Good luck with the last few episodes and thank you for sharing!

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On the off chance that you're still having problems with the Season 3 torrent I have a few of the episodes that you may be missing on Dropbox:


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I can't help with the Series 11 episodes, but here is Series 9 3-7, 9-12, and the Christmas Special, Gur Uhfonaqf bs Evire Fbat:


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All expired. Thanks for sharing!

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A Newbies' Summary:

Okay, so it’s 2257 and it’s the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, and Sinclair is the last commander of Babylon 5, the last of the Babylon stations. As narrated by Londo. Also, don’t think I didn’t notice the camera lingering on Delenn when he said it could be a dangerous place.

G’Nar’s people are the youngest of the five races, have no telepaths, but do have manpower, and were once invaded by the Centauri. Her people (which I somehow misheard as Lambari) are the eldest, technologically superior, can do nifty party tricks with gravity and plenty of other things I’m sure with those rings and crystals(?) behind door number one. They had Earth at its mercy 10 years ago but … surrendered by order of the possibly holy Grey Council (first rule of GC, you don’t talk about GC). This was all tied into Sinclair’s missing 24 hours and his attempt to ram the ship.

Londo, the pretty shark, says the Centauri Republic now control twelve worlds consisting of monuments to their once great empire. Family history plays a huge part of current place in society, and parts of said society don’t approve of their imperialistic history? So how long until they want to relive their glory days of being space sharks?

And the mysterious Vorlon. How long until we see under the suit?

And you can’t trust any of them. Or the humans, who have their own problems with corruption.

Fuck. Give me more. Sure, the dialogue is essentially [Insert exposition here], and I’m not quite sold on all the acting, but it’s a pilot and I love me some world-building and there is so much damn potential here. I probably won’t be keeping up with Mark’s pace and posting but yeah, I am intrigued.