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I worked as a freelance writer (not scriptwriter, I wrote for scifi entertainment magazines) in the mid 90's in Burbank. Just look at the screenwriters guild for the stats, or visit the next strike. Scriptwriting isn't 'creating' for the most part in Hollywood, it's just translating ideas to a script and even then, it's not translating your own ideas to a script. Not only does it suck, you get pi$$ed on by the studio, producers, directors and just about everyone but the gaffers. If you can't get SAG to stand with you when you strike, the studio will just laugh at you and hire a new batch of writers out of UCLA. Writing in a Hollywood Studio is like being a peasant in Dark Ages during the Black Death. The only benefit is if you can survive long enough you can get on with a good Director/Producer who MIGHt look at your script, the one you've been trying to sell for two decades (yours will be on the top of his five hundred scripts given by other writers in the same situation). But don't even bother if you didn't go to UCLA film school.

Being a writer in the modern market is hard enough. Being a scriptwriter in Hollywood ... that's pure hell.

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I'm new to this whole PC thing, and unlike Kelly, I only have Lesbian friends, not LGBTBLTTUNAMELT, but isn't 'tranny fag' redundant?

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I bet those two words work wonders for your wife when you want snuggle time too. :P

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Lets just say that screenwriters ought to be required to write. Period.

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This isn't true, actually - it's not the perfect example of capitalism in action because it constantly does things to hurt its bottom line. Hollywood would rather kiss each other's asses than middle america's - and they do, often. If it was about the bottom line, every movie would be rated G. You are lying to yourself if you think Hollywood is in it for the money, or that female leads don't sell, or that only hot chicks sell. Lion King had no hot chicks and it's still making money decades later.

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what female scriptwriters? There aren't a dozen in any major studio...

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You don't think of them as beauty queens, but with the exception of Kathy Bates, they all started as beauty queens. Even the actresses playing older women were once the perfect Hollywood stereotypical actress.

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Well, according to OWS, they support the police... the same police they are making weapons to resist.

Conservatives have an idea/goal and they fight to defend it, and rarely fight to 'defend themselves.' Most 'legitimate' violence is not just in self defense, but in defense of someone else (family).

OWS is a bunch of bipolar narcissists with anarchist tendencies.

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Here is a more comprehensive list: http://obamascandalslist.blogspot.com/2009/10/oba...

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Why "makeshift" weapons? Why bother? Just call the Tea Party to come and protect you, otherwise, you don't advocate violence, or using force, remember?