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What a sad story to lead the day with. RIP Andrew, you were a great warrior!
Someone said the other day that he looked stressed and needed to take care of himself. I have to wonder why?
Maybe the day will bring some answers, this is so sad.
Condolences to all his family and friends, the conservative movement lost a great leader, and the free press lost an innovator, However will we replace him?

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Kevin, so true! Every single person I know who had an abortion did it purely for convenience. The two babies I know of that were conceived because of rape were not killed by their mothers. One was in our church, and was reared with the help of her mother's family, in a home full of love and joy. The other was James Robison.

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It's funny, I've been a computer geek since the Atari 400, but never wanted to use Turbo Tax. I tried Turbo Tax last year and couldn't figure it out, went back to doing it with a Big Chief Tablet and stubby pencil.
To Elinor, don't be so concerned those IRS agents are nice guys and gals :-) I was audited for 2006, the year I retired, it was a tough filing year, and I did screw up. It all worked out eventually, I paid a small fine and they acknowledge their own mistakes in the process, refunding me some money when it was all said and done. (they wanted $3500, I agreed to and paid $350, then they sent me back like $20) I did have to get the consumer advocates through my senator involved though.

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I have always done my own tax filing. I also try to have as little as possible in a refund, or perhaps owe a little. I want my money drawing interest for me, not the government. I work my taxes as soon as I have all the paperwork, if I owe I hold it until April 15th, if I am due a refund I send it in, always before the end of Feb, but usually in the beginning of Feb. This year I filed on Feb 4th. Having been in Texas and Florida there was no state income tax, now living in Arkansas there is, so have to file that also, and AR won't due funds transfer they write actual checks, go figure. I just checked for the fed refund deposit and NOT YET.

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Only because you didn't understand the article, might have something to do with Obama generally doesn't respect property rights...

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Well said KJ.

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I think the correct way to work this is through the States. 2010 saw a significant change in state politics here in Arkansas (went from 2 D Senators, 4 D HRs to 1 D Senator, 1 D HR) and in many other states. This also resulted in a lot more R Governors, Attorneys General, and State Treasurers. And I don't mean RINOs, these are at least half-way decent conservatives. Note the States lined up to sue over ObamaCare, Immigration issues, etc. It is, IMHO, up to the States to DEMAND their 10th Amendment rights! We all need to be pushing and working within our States.

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... and shot.

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I worked for a shuttle supplier, then and for many years after, my experience is similar to yours, you gave me the same goose bumps and eventually tears from the remembrance...
"The cloud left by the explosion hung in that blue sky for what seemed like hours..."
Tragedies seem to sear a hole in your conscience.

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But that is what it has become.