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interesting information. Personally, I can never offend an animal or do something to it. As for me, raccoons are very cute creatures, even if they are harmful. And yes, it's better to catch him and let him go than to "out back by the pond." This is very cruel!

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Great instructive performance! I really liked! I completely agree that now social services are not as high quality as before.
According to the index of economic inequality, the USA is in the last place among the developed countries (OECD) and in the overall standings “overtaken” such countries as Senegal, Burundi and Niger. Example: the average salary of a school teacher is 58K, the average salary of a programmer is almost twice as much. This is not normal, because the average school teacher creates a more valuable “product” than the average coder. Both the bus driver, and the school teacher, and the coder should receive a normal salary.
In the US, there are no social guarantees at the federal level (exception: social security, covers only retirement and disability)
What to do? One option is to live in more "social" states. For example, in MA, unemployment benefit for an average IT professional will be about $ 800 per week with no children (with more children). Free or subsidized medical insurance is also available.. Another option is to pay for all of the savings.

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As far as I know the essence of the conflict, these are two states for two nations - the common name for the spectrum of positions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which envisages ending the conflict by creating the State of Palestine along with the Jewish state of Israel (including Israeli Arabs) between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Palestinian state will grant citizenship to its residents, and Arab refugees will be able to immigrate to a new state and obtain citizenship there. Arab citizens of Israel can either stay in Israel, or move to a Palestinian state, and become its citizens.For my part, I can say that it is unlikely to be solved as it is good, if it is decided at all.

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Read the article and all the previous comments. And now I can not understand my attitude to her. As for me, she is so irrationality and a lot of her actions show this.