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im sorry you had so much pain. i know what you felt then and what you feel when you see the scars...
im glad you were able to stop. i gotta figure that stopping thing out someday...
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the kids seems so happy. that comes from being a great mom! congrats.
so sweet.

did the roses get tie-dyed?
they match those groovy socks. :)
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you should be so proud of you because you are a good mom ... even though you didnt have one.
enjoy your special day
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your kids are soo adorable and they look so happy
be proud mom
hope the frogs went free...
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yeh, that is pretty much what i deserve, dirty used underwear and socks. throw them in a trash bag and you got the foster kid.

this guy sucks... he has never been a foster kid and has no right making any comments.
this is the problem, all the people that control the state money were never in foster care...so they don't get it.

FYI -- he "changed" the policy today because he got so many comments and messages

i dont know much about how the government works, but i hope he doesnt get re-elected.

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i get the "I hate foster kids" search terms too. but worse, i got a couple comments from biokids who were bitching about the foster kids and how they suck and all the bad things they do.

so my guess is that it is biokids. LOL
although i used to see foster parents on Y/A bitch about their kids...


i think these search term things are silly. i get some that find my blog because of one word like coke. remember that blog i wrote about throwing the coke on the bitch at work.... tons of coke search terms hit my blog. for one word?

since you just started last august, wait.... it gets worse. LOL
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inspiring post.

im in the trying to stay alive group. but i do know that i am better off than the kids still on the street because i got off them and have an apartment. that seems like hurdle #1... in a list of hundreds.

at times it seem overwhelming thinking of how or what i am supposed to do. people in life forget that there are people that don't have anyone to help them cook a chicken, or turn to when they are sick, or to move back home if things go bad, or to get a safe hug...

you did it though. you have a family. that is awesome. you made it.

ps: i tried to send an email from above and the letters thing that you have to type says "they never match" even though i always match them.
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are you serious? they get into the house and then camp out? so, did he take the box with him? or just eat in the pantry? how did he get in the house?

i have never heard this and find it fascinating. i have mice in my apartment complex, i would take a raccoon any day.
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oh my gosh. so cute. both the raccoon and the superpowers. superpowers rule.

glad you didnt kill the raccoon. so cool.
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