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OMG! Ya'll pay $160 for an oz? Of that? You can get an oz in Oklahoma for $40. You pay $120 for a qp of stuff that will knock your head off.

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OMG Thank you. I am so glad that there is some one with intelligence out there promoting marijuana law reform. I will be so glad when people realize that we are not all just "potheads" who are stoned all the time and can not function in society. Again, thank you.

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It takes alot of guts. I am now Christian. When I was younger, I explored the path of Wiccan. Everyone eventually finds what is best for them. It is awesome that your mother is so excepting. Congrats! By the way, I am checking out geekwitch. :)

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I'm here!!! *raises hand* Life's just been crazy. Trying to sort out the mess that is my life right now. I'm so excited for Elias. I was a Zelda nut myself. I love it on N64, Ocarnia of TIme. Yup. Anyways, life has just been insane this last few weeks if you really wanna know. No time for movies or books. Okay, that's a lie, always times for books. Love how your's is going by the way. Now I'm rambling. Night.

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I wish we had things like that in our area. We have farms and the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, but it's so much open space and scattered that it can be over whelming. I am an outdoors type of person to, but the summers here hover around the 100s so it can get pretty uncomfortable with a toddler. But, that's what the lake is for!!! Lots of sunscreen. Last summer when we went, Grant and I got burnt to a crisp, but little Riley tanned like a pro. Heh.

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It's people like that who give Christians a bad reputation. I feel yeah girl. I would be screaming bloody murder. Can't wait to hear the funny story.

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Absolutely love the picture. Sorry about the "sickness." It will eventually catch everyone this year, only once if you are lucky. Glad everyone had fun!

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I really hope all is well. My prayers

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They will have so much fun and so will you. Time apart is good sometimes. :)

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At least ya'll take care of your finances. I could so learn from you. We have no organization what so ever. Argh.

Nothing makes you feel better than little kids. I love it at work when we have little ones come in. :)