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Don't let it. I told about five people to meet me at the park, made sure my most whimsical friend was a mail-order minister, bought forty dollars worth of flowers at Trader Joe's, and found a twenty dollar dress at Target the morning of.

It was gorgeous. There's no reason, in my mind, to make a "happy" day stressful because of others' expectations. Sorry, I just don't think that's what the day is about. Today's my first anniversary!

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Pretty sure my pic won't work...

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Don't let it. I told about five people to meet me at the park, made sure my most magical/whimsical friend was a mail-order minister (she was), and ran by Trader Joe's for 40 dollars worth of flowers and Target for a 20 dollar dress the morning of.

It was beautiful, truly. We got a fire going later, someone made a cake, we all got wasted and at one point I yelled for people to make drunk speeches. Today's my first anniversary! Anyway, do what you want. I never understood stressful "happy" events. Fuck that.

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I can't wait. It's really great to put this out there, and thank you! It's brave and you find out you're not so freakish or alone. And you're not. Much good luck to you.

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Awesome post! I would add, in the Mission:

-Velvet Cantina around 22nd/Valencia for dark red corners and creative Mex appetizers and killer Margaritas
-Taqueria Cancun for the best tacos in town
-Shotwell's at 20th and Shotwell for the sweetest bartenders and some thoughtful brews and a wonderful jukebox and warm, smart people
-Philz Coffee at 24th and something for handmade creamy magical coffee
-and Dolores Park--especially for free films, sunny days, city views, and elopements.

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Good response. Something similar happened to me a few days ago--I was having the world's worst bus adventure to work and in response to the various banshee-style screamfests going on around me I said aloud, rather randomly, "Ugh, the bus is already hell on earth, I mean..."

And the normal-seeming woman next to me suddenly lights up and says, "Actually this isn't like hell. Hell is very different. Tell me, have you been saved?"

I'm like, "Huh?" And she's like, "Have you accepted Jesus." I shook my head and didn't know what to say; she implored me to please, please think very hard about it.

Well, no...but that wasn't the part that got me. She didn't anger me. It's just that it's so damn strange and so out of context. For these people, I guess every moment exists within the Jesus context. But for those who don't reside in that particular construct, it's a complete non sequitur and an entirely insane notion to introduce. We are, actually, just riding a bus, and suddenly someone is politely mentioning the potential for my immortal soul to burn in a fiery dungeon for all eternity? ODD.

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No yeah, she's classically gorgeous. Exquisite. I can't hate me some Winona. Now that sounds bad, as if it's because she's beautiful that I forgive her everything. Which means I'm part of the problem. But damn, it must somehow be okay just to awe at something so pretty.

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We're GOING to get through this. *astral plane hug*

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It''s too late. I was charging through it on the theory that reading over the plot now might neutralize my irrational childish imprint-o'-terror, but I was wrong. It only awakened memories of other scenes, like the guy's eyes burning out from the scarecrow disguise before they shoot him a million times and he doesn't understand anything except fear and he's innocent and ohhhhhhhhh.

But you know, I kept going, and I started reading reviews, and then comments on reviews, and it turns out there's a whole generation of people traumatized at young ages by this thing. We are not alone. Not alone, like for instance in a silo, slowly suffocating in abject claustrophobic horror. Gahhhhsob.

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OH MY GOD. I could have written your comment; totally eerie. Same experience, about 7 years old, same scene seared into my brain. No idea what that movie was, never heard of it again. Still haunts me.

Do you remember how when he was finally drowned in corn, there was just the glove on top of all the grain? How dusty it was in the silo? Oh jesus I'm going to be thinking about this as I go to sleep tonight. But I am slightly comforted that I am no longer alone with the scarecrow corn drowned man. Maybe? Ughhhh.

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Super-agree. Had to come in here just to say how well- and elegantly-written and structured this article is, not to mention how packed with usefulness. Incredible job, thank you!