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Sarah Lou Palin. What happens when you become so shrill that even the hounds can't hear your dog whistles anymore.

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Snark off.

I really really admire, respect, adore that lady. She singlehandedly makes my profession a better one. Thank you, Madame Justice.

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The War of the Southern Seditionists ended too soon. If the Union army had done what would have been done in any European country (see Guy Fawkes) the combat and civilian leaders of the insurrection all would have been tried for treason, convicted, hanged or shot and that would have been the end of the attempted coup. And we wouldn't be having to put up with all this falsely romanticized rebellion against federal authority bullshit.

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Wonder which one? Hunter Bush or Carlos Magnus or Rod Strong or Dick Goodcock or Juan Dong or ....Oh, just round up all the usual fapspects.

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Julca Nacht

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Dammit people,there were skittles and ice tea in that store !!!!!

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One certainly has to wonder "why". Why would a supposedly well adjusted, and seemingly unworried about his own sexual identity, hetero male spend so much time focused on gay sex? Hmmmm. Why, Gov. Brokeback, why?

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Damn it, the law he is proposing is just plain un-A'merkin.

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The well of stupid runs deep in the New Confedidiotcy.

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There are many reasons why the NYT times has become so much fish wrap. MoDo is one of them.