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Okay, I know I'm kinda late on this one, but I really want to say something. I got a Wii in late '07, and wanting a source of news, I typed 'Wii' into the iTunes search bar, and The Wiire came up. That was around episode 100, so I believe I began listening just as Rob left, so I don't have that nostalgia. So I listened for a while, and began commenting. I became a big commenter for a few months. But then something happened to the Wiire, but it wasn't the departure of James (as sad as that was), or the addition of Mike (to the contrary, he kept the site and podcast on its feet for a good year or two). I put it down to the V4 update. I loved V4. I loved the awesome bouncy news bar thingy at the top of the page, I loved the new layout, and I loved the new review system. But nobody else did. There was an enormous amount of unwarranted backlash, complaints that the ads got bigger, or that they simply preferred the old site's layout. There was a lot of hating, with no regard to the amount of time, effort, and love that the staff had put into the site. The community, having lost all my favorite commenters (except for Shigatai; that guy was awesome!), ceased to be as supportive and constructive as it had in the past. That, I think, is one of the main causes for the demise of the site.

I stopped listening many months ago, but I kept checking back every now and then, out of curiosity, and I find this. I was genuinely moved. I hope that Pictochat keeps the flame alive, but I doubt t will ever reach the zenith of the Wiire's heyday (circa episode 112). It's been fun, and I'll have great memories, like the political debate about the 2000 election between me and JordanSnyder that was removed from the comments, or my first mention on the podcast.

Atque in perpetuum, Wiire, ave atque vale

For (perhaps) the last time,


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According to the list on Kombo, Ninty have also stopped shipping Metroid Prime 3! Bizarre...

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I, for one, prefer the lengthier discussions. If I'm desperate to get the news, I'll check the site, or other sites. The best podcasts are when you summarize each article and then have a discussion.

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Be that as it may, they could've at least put in leaderboards, or something of the sort.

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RE: New Zelda, I'm playing through Twilight Princess for the first time right now (I know, I know, I'm a bit behind), and one thing that I want to see next time is an even bigger Hyrule Field. I know that it's pretty darn big right now, but you can get from one side to the other of each section in about a minute if you use Epona. I want Hyrule Field to be ENORMOUS. Like Shadow of the Colossus enormous. Like Oblivion enormous. Have everything integrated! No more loading screens between villages and different areas. Then keep the warping system for people who can't be arsed to travel that far, and you're away!

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I think that the 'it's just difficult' line can be crossed while still having a fun and refreshing game. Some of the last levels in Mario Galaxy are like this, as is Myst.

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I think what he meant was that every pokemon game has essentially been the same game re-branded.

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I cringed when I read your overly sensitive comment. ;P

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That's a parody of a line from Bioshock: "NO! Says the man in Washington, it belongs to to the government! NO! Says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everybody! NO! Says the man in the Vatican, it belongs to God! But I rejected those answers. I made my own choice. I chose... RAPTURE!"