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why do they bring with them the very thing they escaped from ,,,islam,,,

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when this reccesion really starts to bite only then will the british people wake up..the government talk about the worst being over we have seen nothing yet. mass immigration and islamization have done more damage than hitler and mussolini put together

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i could not drink that much.looks like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle

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too little too late my cash will never enter their tills ..might go there for a dump after a night on the beer that should clear the place

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is he in quarantine

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my would have been son in law may he rip killed in iraq 2007 was an sas soldier,i never heard him boast about it he was a true gent and a true patriot of this country,mc nab is an overgrown school kid and a traitor

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my friends wife has always been against my so called racist views,but a recent confrontation with some of our enritchers has certainly changed her mind.yet another nail in their coffin

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40k on this crap while ex soldiers live in cardboard city

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judas and the thirty pieces of silver spring to mind

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the fightback begins,