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so are they going to change it to "at" his rear. Seems like it would fix it and not be that large of a change.

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Currently our state is going to cut funds to law enforcement by ten percent. I would much rather see pedophiles, murders, and other violent likely to repeat offenders in jail rather than those who have nothing more harmful than smoking marijuana.

secondly, IA's main export is corn and corn products. IA is great at growing things, that's what we do. Legalization early in the game came help us get ahead in the market, generating revenue. With that comes tax revenue. I'm sure it would be taxed at a very high rate. It's already quite obvious that IA has no problem taxing the life out of everything.

Just my opinion.

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Let's see if this was it makes it around the mod

w w w. p l a n e t c r . c o m

No spaces of course. I'm laurenD on there. Not as much moderation as on here. Not so many d u m b people cluttering up the place with racism and i g n o r a n c e

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so is there a reason you didn't report it? If you knew? The could charge you as an accessrory.

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that's kind of sick. But that person probably desevered to be in jail. It's on thing to kill yourself. It's another to bring in people who aren't asking for it..

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if that were true, i should be in jail for not teaching my children how to live without drugs. For not noticing there drug problem. For being generally neglectful.

I come from a long line of junkies and theives. And no. I wouldn't blame another person for my childs actions. you are w.r.o.n..g. I'm not a hypocrite.

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yeah, and tons of flood victims who want a handout...also roads in need of repair...but yeah, every cent of your taxes goes to "welfare" I'm sure.

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weird, when i type w.r.o.n.g i get mod'ed

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There is another news discussion website you may be interested in. But the name is mod'ed here on KCRG. If you are interested let me know.

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that would also mean marijiuana, as well as other drugs would be legalized. if you want to get technical. There is nothing about recreational substances in the consititution.

The reason the "drug crowd" always pipes up is because this is a solution worth looking at that is being completely ignored.