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oooo, touche! so are you IO wag al?

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mrs. lowe?...i know a mrs lowe. does the word HAMMERFIST mean anything to you?

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self-employed scrap metal recycler? sounds like an unemployed trash digger.

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lol, but WWF stands for World Wildlife Federation.

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what!?! how come i never heard of this?! i wanna go!

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i dont know, man. one of the picketers is the father of the woman he was supposedly bea ting. it kinda makes me think this guy was usually cool. seems to me like this guy had too much to drink. sure, he was out of line to attack *anyone*, but was it worth dying over? or should they have maybe not been standing within such close range to a big dude with a violent past? i agree with laurenD. im sick of just taking people at their word. i need proof, otherwise im gonna keep asking questions.

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im sad to see us putting even more people in danger...bring em home safe!

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wow hope everyone turns out ok.

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there are stages inbetween noncompliance and getting murdered. cops are trained to deal with these people...i doubt their trained to just kill someone if they become physical.

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this sucks. thoughts with the family of the poor guy who died. we dont need lots of cops, we need better cops who dont get overpowered. quality, not quantity. what ever happened to LESS THAN LETHAL? i mean how much money have we spent on giving our officers tasers, nightsticks and pepper spray, but cops continue using their gun, and everyone is ok with it. guns are for fighting other people with guns...guns are NOT to win a fight. its cops like this that make gun owners look bad. he's setting a pretty bad example..."if youre losing a fight, just kill."