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17 yrs of paying support, I'll tell you that I have no idea or proof of how my ex wife spends the support, she never has money to buy things like a winter coat or new shoes ,she calls and tells me to do it,as my ex put it " It's your responsibility".I pay her $221.00 a week because the system goes off of INCOME( what her home and what my home make) so she can go in and say she can't work and has state aid, when really she's doing child care off the books at her home(I CAN'T PROVE IT ) and since her and her man won't get married the state WILL NOT count his income.So she has 0 income and I have a full time job and they count my current wife and my income ,so I get raked across the hot coals cuz of her lies, and Child support Recovery "doesn't do investigations" .So if Cpt_Hindsight wants to call me a "whiner" , child support doesn't make me feel like whining but it does make me feel pure RAGE and ANGER.I don't mind paying for the care of my child but the problem is why is it only on me?

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Wow...would you like a side of epic with that fail in life?

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Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?

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It's probably just her week in between waxes.

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oh how bad could it *click* ....dear god in heaven......

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LMAO!!!!! +100 to you

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this may sound bad i know but here goes: I was an army brat my father was in for 30yrs and was up in rank . But he drank , alot . By the time I was 12 it was more often than not I would have to walk to the officers club and drive my father home in his car. It was a 5 speed stick shift by the way.No one ever said a thing about, no cares.But like ammo2 said times are changing and that was long ago.

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Got wood?

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This maggot morns. R.I.P. Paul

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WOW! I sure hope they take his drivers license away from him when he gets out of jail. This man should be barred from the road!