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Great post! Very optimistic. Thanks!

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I think it would be difficult to top Heath Ledger's depiction of The Joker, as IMO its the best villain character so far and also The Dark Knight was best super-hero movie or best action movie for that matter ever made. So, lets hope the next one is a good movie rather than hoping a better one movie than the last one.

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Congrats guys! It really cool!

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Anti-charity is an awesome concept! Thanks for bringing this up into the light for us :)
I think there should be a start-up too, managing all this.

Good luck with your goals!

P.S. Gyminee, take the hint ;)

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Congrats and Good Luck. I'm sure you'll rock with this :)

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This sounds very interesting! Never heard or experienced anything like this before.

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Really a great post, but for first half I was thinking he only assumed physical proximity to the people like bloggers and journalists. I think it helps greatly to only startups from area like silicon valley, boulder, NY, etc. How about startups from other parts? Do they ultimately have to rely on PRs for that?

But, still I think finally this posts helps a lot!

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Very nice ad, never seen before. Very Nice!!!!

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Thanks, Ben for sharing this. Very helpful! :)

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Thanks, David! Soon, I guess we should have a prototype :)