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Love, love, love that song!

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Like I said Shawn, you fit better into the Essenes category anyway.

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Budding Genius/Lemming...Given your obvious lack of understanding concerning Now and Laters, I'll take that as a compliment.

The problem that most Philistines of the candy world have with Now and Laters is the fact that they don't understand the proper way to consume them. They are not meant to be chewed, but rather savored. Enjoying this candy is not a sprint, but a marathon my friend. Some would argue that it is more like a biathlon if you include getting the candy out of it's wrappings, but that is beside the point. Take your time, and enjoy the flavor. If you're in such a hurry, chew on a certs (and watch the sparks).

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The first time I saw this video (back before Easter), it totally wrecked me. It has done it again today.

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I had a boss that used to say, "It's a mook point.", and it's taken me most of my life to break my mom from saying "Wal-Marks".

12 years ago @ What's This Life For - The Life of a Skeptic · 1 reply · +1 points

Dang...great post Pastor_T. Anyone that is looking will ALWAYS find an excuse to not do the right thing. The challenge is to allow your faith to overcome your doubts, instead of the other way around. Thanks for challenging me to do that!

12 years ago @ Michael Hyatt Blog - SoChurch: The Next Gen... · 1 reply · +1 points

Sorry for the "offensive" language and inadvertently putting in a plug for the "other guys" product! Hope this doesn't jeopardize my status :)

On a positive note, here's an opportunity for you to talk about how SoChurch is better!

12 years ago @ Michael Hyatt Blog - SoChurch: The Next Gen... · 5 replies · +2 points

Hey Michael, this looks pretty interesting. Are you familiar with The City ( by Zondervan? It seems very similar. My church, Seacoast ( just rolled this out to its campuses this past month. I'm still trying to get familiar with it, but it shows a lot of potential to create opportunities for people to connect and build community. I'm curious how these two compare.

12 years ago @ An Idol Heart - BOOK REVIEW: Plan B by... · 1 reply · +1 points

Grant, I had a similar experience reading this book. My wife an I are currently in the middle of multiple "Plan B" situations, and some of Pete's statements absolutely wrecked me. I so much identified with Pete's analogy of living in the Saturday before Easter.

This book has been one of many things God has used recently (including your blog) to let me know He is still in control, and I (we) haven't been forgotten. I have no idea how everything is going to turn out, but I'm learning that I don't need to, I just have to trust Him.
My recent post Plan B by Pete Wilson (a book review & giveaway)

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Just finished reading "Plan B" by Pete Wilson.