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Dude, great post! Seriously! Would you be open to my forwarding this to Russ (the TWC Editor) for re-publishing in the near future on TheWorshipCommunity.Com?

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Awesome - thanks for jumping in on the conversations. I look forward to connecting even more.

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Yeah, and I actually used Jay's Elevate arrangement - so I meant the main sanctuary ... (you know I don't like "big church", haha.

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Kudos on having the courage to do what you know God is leading you to do. I applaud your boldness and your faith. Looking forward to the new Echo hub. If there's a way we can help spread the news when this launches via TheWorshipCommunity.Com, just let me know!

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I just posted this on Pete's blog, but thought I'd post this here as well. I guess I'm kinda embarrassed to have to ask this question ... but here goes ...

What exactly, is "public productivity"? Reading between the lines, I assume it means that you "do stuff so people can see it"? I dunno.

Maybe there's someone else out there who doesn't quite "get" what that phrase means ... so I'll be the guy to raise his hand and say "I don't quite understand".

Someone enlighten me please!?

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I'll never forget interviewing for "the big job" as a Music Director in what was considered to be one of the FL mega churches. I cast some vision for producing/writing worship with some people outside of that ministry that God had set me up with years before (people who mentored me, who caught vision with me, who shared the sweat and tears with me, and there less than an hour's drive away) ...

When the Big Kahuna (Senior Pastor) said "anything like that you wish to do can be done here under our roof" ... haha, that's when I said "no thanks" and took a position an hour north in a tiny church that said "the sky is the limit".

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What an inspiring post.

#1 - love the new design.
#2 - is this about the trip in 1973 ... or did you just take a new trip ... from everything I read, it seems like you are remembering the trip back from 1973 ... but when I read the post, I dunno, it gives me the impression that you just recently took the trip.

(I also realize this was posted a year ago!)

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and to be clear, comparing Robbie's music to something by Smitty that is that old .... not the same. (and I like both!) ... but would def. feel like RS was more contemporary.

I guess I'm the snob, too ... I fight that all the time, but my desire to play the coolest new music, though it never goes away, is easily pacified when I see people engaged and participating because they are familiar w/ what's happening ... that's where it counts .. unless ... their engagement is pure routine due to over-familiar ....

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Conner, I'm with you. I actually teach that these disclaimers seem bogus to me in my Web + Worship 2.0 seminar. Why? Just like you said ... as employees of the church (especially if we're on the pastoral team, maybe that's the difference?) ... I can't just separate my personal views from those of the church. If my personal views are controversially different than the views of the church I'm serving in ... why am I there?

I suppose it depends on what level of "controversy" or "opinion" you have. I guess I'm still out to lunch on it. IN this case, the church asked them to put that up ... so it's OK. I'm laughing at the individual employees who put it up, without the counsel of their leadership.

"I can say what I want, it's my life ... my thoughts, and my church where I work has no accountability over what I say and how I use this pulpit to communicate". Hmmm ...
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