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Obama to Trumka (as BH rubs his shoulders): "Hey, whatcha doin' tonight, big boy?"

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Sure would like to knock over a few of those portable toilets in the middle of the protesters.

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Why not go to NYC, Indie, and join the riots. Wear a bright red shirt with Indiepalin on it. We'd all like to see a video of the police smashing your skull with their billy clubs and you inhaling a big cloud of tear gas. Make sure someone is around to record your 15 minutes of fame for our enjoyment. I'm getting the popcorn ready now.

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The Republicans are not going to vote for Obama. The Tea Party citizens will not vote for Obama. Any conservatives not affiliated with either of these two groups will not vote for Obama. Most importantly, the so-called "Independents" will not vote for Obama--they may not like conservatives, Republicans or the Tea Party, but they do not want violence at their doorsteps. Who is left to vote for Obama? Those rabid demonstrators? Some African-Americans? California and Massachusetts? That's about it. These protesters are giving more motivation to vote conservative than Palin, Bachmann, Cain, DeMint, Christie, Rubio, and Rand Paul combined. All this free publicity for us conservatives! It couldn't have happened in a more deserving city too--NYC. Maybe if things get really bad, Charles Rangel won't be reelected. Sorry, I'm fantasizing, but I'm allowed to once in a while.

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If Holder falls, so will Obama. Yes, as delightful as this may seem, Biden would choose Hillary for VP and we'd have the Clintons in the White House again. We need to be careful for what we wish for.

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Perry and Romney are the choices of the media. Conservatives will choose Gingrich or Santorum.

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You talk out of both sides of your mouth, Robert Johnson. You complain about Obama's policies, but you give him financial support. You are duplicitous. Too bad that with all your wealth you still haven't been able to shake your ghetto thinking.

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Billionaires provide the capital which, when united with labor and innovation, are the ingredients for...JOBS!!

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O'Reilly is not a conservative. At best, he's left of center. Right wing idol? Try Ann Coulter, one of many.

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...controlling the thoughts and minds of the ignoramuses who watch TV or pay her any attention.