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Is it just me or are the trolls getting even dumber these days? You replied to Pratzky, not the "religious zealot." Repeat after me: I will not drink and post at the same time....

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Oh my God, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

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That's kind of funny because you just reminded me of Rush 's program back around the New Hampshire primary when he was comparing your boy Newt to Perot in terms of operating his campaign out of pure spite. In Rush's telling, Perot really had it in for Bush 41 and was bent on denying him re-election more than winning. Nasty and petty--and he was comparing him to Newt and suggesting that Newt was that way about Romney. Honestly, Push, it's been a nasty enough campaign this year, to be sure. But I think it's easy to forget how nasty it has been at times before. Like Bush and McCain in 2000 or Bush Sr. and Dole in 1988. That stuff tends to fade in our memories and we start thinking nothing was ever as bad as it is today. I don't buy it, and I don't say that in denial of anything Romney or Newt have done this go around. I just think that's how life is. The wounds heal and the scars fade.

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Ah, I guess I forgot that with you there's always an explanation. So, Forbes and Perot were "not negative enough to win." Cute. But you also said that money can "make any candidate fail." So why didn't Perot and Forbes end up making Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, or the Bushes fail? You know what they say the first rule is when you find yourself in a hole, right? Stop digging. LOL.

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What can I say, I'm flush with victory this morning. Hell I even laughed at the one post last night that said "tell Kmichaels he can come in off the ledge now." THAT was funny.

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Now pull up the whole past year's worth of head-to-heads on RealClearPolitics and see that going back to last summer only one candidate has consistently maintained that close position vis a vis the President, and only one candidate has been found many, many times leading him. I think you will find that Gingrich and Santorum both may have once or twice led Obama but Romney has been in that lead somewhere between 20 and 25 times.

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Yeah, I guess we all learned that from President Perot and President Forbes. :-)

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Spare us your resume--it's not that impressive. Go back and read slowly what you wrote in the initial post. Aeoue is right on point. Taking issue with Romney is one thing but to do so with the bile and distasteful invective you just resorted to is NEVER going to be persuasive. If you really do have some experience with the process and (God forbid) in the classroom you ought to know that. I can assure you from MY experience in politics and the classroom that the type of intemperate bloviating you just engaged in might very well get you fired in a professional setting. Regardless of what gets said behind closed doors or in an anonymous forum such as this, no candidate, campaign organization, or election committee would ever want to be publicly associated with such tacky remarks.

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Better not let the SPCA or PETA find out that you're still beating that dead horse...