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Wait for the "protests" to turn violent and kill the protesters; no one has a "right" to run riot. Keep killing rioters until they're all dead or fled. Identify the ring leaders, kill them and their families. Kill Karzai and his family and put their heads on pikes in the center of Kabul.
Make it clear, once and for all, who is "in charge" in Trashcanistan.

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That and a significant portion of the Democrat constituency are either criminals or criminal dependents. Don't want to make life dangerous for your voters, right?

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Inflation - its just an invisible tax that hits creditors and taxpayers alike. Creditors are getting paid back in Euros worth less than the Euros they loaned; taxpayers find that their earnings and savings are worth less.
The people of Europe just had a trillion Euros stolen form them...
Can't drum up too much sympathy. The Federales do this to us all the time. Dollars today are worthy 20% of what they were when I was a kid...

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We need to start putting fences around state capitals to keep the legislators IN.

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IIRC, those 19 "activists" won't be any great loss.
Kill the terrorists and deliver 'em to Egypt mixed in cardboard boxes. And let 'em know we have the Aswan dam in our cross-hairs.

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Hell, get the Federal Marshals to arrest him and perp walk him to a maximum-security jail.

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In other words, she's not running because she has always been a covert Democrat and wants to help a Democrat win...

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Of course the don't blame Afghans for defacing the Korans. Where would be the profit for their "narrative" in that?

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You don't know Buddhists very well. Read up on "Yamabushi" sometime. Some of the most bloodthirsty regimes and warriors in the world were Buddhist.

As for the rest, we need to "Maxim his (our) Oppresors as a Christian ought to do."

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Not very well composed, but I'll give it a thumbs up for passion.