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Coarse, gutter, ugly, sewer talk that has no place in public debate.

How is one supposed to get children interested in civil public discourse when these vulgarians continue their assault on our sensibilities?

I doubt this person would feel any compunctions about displaying her sign even if a sixth-grade class on a field trip showed up at the legislature.

While I am no stranger to rough language, it does not belong on public signs under the implicit assumption by the authors of said signs that such printed affronts are acceptable where even children just learning to read might see them.

She's trash.

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Once again the "moderators" strike.

I'm glad I copied and saved what I wrote before submitting it.

If it does not appear, I'll wait a while and then try again.

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Is that sweat I see leaking through the walls of the Oval Office?

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"Is the Economy Really Beginning To Recover?'"

The answer to that question depends on whether one understands economics or simply buys into the spin this administration puts on anything remotely resembling current financial information.

Those who understand economics and finance know that most employers continue to mark time while waiting apprehensively for the next several shoes to drop as the current crowd chaotically flails about attempting to make socialism work, ignoring all the hard lessons learned by those who tried in the past.

If a rational person aware of history with experience in finance takes the reins of government, hopefully January 20, 2013, employers will breathe a collective sigh of relief and then take to recalculating their cash flow projections knowing that they can make critical assumptions based on reality, not social engineering fairy tails.

Once they have an idea of what to expect, they will start hiring to resume delivering goods and services they were loathe to deliver during this period of extreme uncertainty. In doing so, they will know that they stand a far better chance of turning a profit (Gasp! There's that terrible word!) so they can reinvest in plant and equipment, meet payrolls, and take a reasonable amount home themselves as legitimate reward for the personal risks they take owning and operating a business.

As long as Obamacare looms, with all its massive cost unknowns and uncertainties, no rational business owner will risk capital unless it is essential to survive this interregnum behind the looking glass.

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"In Iran’s Elections Friday, It’s Ahmadinejad Versus the Supreme Leader"

Too bad they both cannot lose.

But then we had our chance to help their opponents when they revolted and our Lilly-livered administration chickened out.

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The left hates anything that doesn't accept their moral relativism, with the exception of radical Islam.

If they took the trouble to study it, they would learn that they are even closer to it than they realize because radical Islam is a moral-free zone.

Mormons' adherence to a strict moral code means that if a Mormon takes power, then recess is over.

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The "Oh Dear!" factor in this administration does nothing but tell our enemies that a weakling is in charge.

If Nazis acted this way following WWII when GI's burned copies of "Mein Kampf," they would have been met with a hail of lead and no one would have blinked.

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"uniformed goons?"

That is the first image of troops that came to your mind as you wrote that?

Your slip is showing.

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Occupy is an AstroTurf movement if I've ever seen one.

The puppetmasters running it from behind the scenes count on the credulity of bonehead mendicants to keep it going.

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Just cannot find it in yourself to be decent under any circumstances, can you?

Ugly people dance on graves.

You are an ugly person from an ugly part of American politics.