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Yup as is always the case it takes 6 or 7 Monkeys to beat up 1 white person or now Hispanic. Probably was a White Hispanic. Blacks are just pi$$ed because the Hispanics outnumber them now. Cowards Black Monkey cowards. If you follow stories like this it is always a tribe of them attacking one person. CCW my friends.

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Less Power. The Otraiter plan is working perfectly...

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I kind of visualize Tony as a vile fat balding man in his 20's. Failure with women failure in life. Just wanting the Government to give him all the free Cheetos he wants. Tony does not just hate Andrew he hates all that are better then him. Which is just about anybody. Enjoy your sad life Tony. Waddle down to get you welfare check and food stamps. Line up for your free block of cheese. Get in line for your turn in the Obama barrel to keep the free stuff coming.

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By the way I will say it again.Andrew was killed he did not die. Having the LA coroner do the autopsy and not a private Physician is a big mistake by the family. I would have at least demanded my own physician to assist.

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CNN what is that? Never heard of it.

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What hate, OK i will bite. Hope someone in your family drops dead real soon scumbag.

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I suppose if Andrew got drunk and drowned your daughter you would love him. Kennedy was a Murderer and pond scum. And yes I smiled when that fat scumbag died, I wonder how he feels in Hell LOL. Probably surprised.

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Mourn the loss but don't take the Marxist media's take that is was natural. He was killed he was turning over to many rocks and annoying the powers that be on both sides. I dare say the Redumblicklans were just as afraid of him as anyone. How many people have to just mysteriously die in this country before people wake up goes back to Lee Harvey Oswald. Yeah Ruby just sauntered into a police station and kills the accused assassin of a President. Vince Foster, Martin Luther King, Jim McDougal, Ron Brown, I have the feeling this country was taken over by Marxists a long time ago and we missed it.

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Well hell Obama should just go over there and start performing Fellatio on them. The war would be over in a week.

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Obama is just pure evil. Hey Otraitor how about making public the money you get from Soros.