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Sometimes when there is a documentary about Bogart or Hollywood in the forties, they will show a clip of Bogart and Bacall going to those hearings. But, they almost never tell the part about him confronting those who duped him.

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Great show.

As was already mentioned, it was part of a rotating Mystery Theatre format. The other shows (MdCloud, McMillan & Wife, Quincy) were good, but Columbo was the standout. Columbo's seemingly bumbling, disheveled manner would lull the sophisticated killer into co-operating with him until he sprung the the trap.

And they got some big names to play the killers like Johnny Cash, Janet Leigh, Ricardo Montalban, Ruth Gordon and many others.

Then there was his basset hound who Columbo could never figure out what to call him. So he was just Dog.

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Fun show. Getting to roam the west in a private train, lots of cool gadgets, pretty ladies. And Artemus was a master of disguise.

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Always liked MI.

It was fun seeing Jim Phelps and the team outwit and trick the bad guys into thinking things were different than they really were. They used their brains instead of a lot of explosions and car chases. Then at the end, they would pull off their rubber masks and leave the villains wondering what happened(and sometimes at the mercy of even worse villains).

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I agree with you almost entirely. Our parents went through such trying times growing up during the great depression and fighting WW2 that is is understandable they would want to spare us that exprience. But, we became the most spoiled, self-centered generation in American history.

Not all of us were part of the sex drugs and rock&roll thing though. I was fortunate to have parents that did not give us everything we wanted and set limits on what I could get away with. Others did grew up and left that behind.

But, you are right that too many of us boomers have not figured out how wrong the things we were told back then are. The country will be better off when the boomers finally leave the stage(probably kicking and screaming).

I just hope the next generations are able to clean up the mess we left them.

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Two of my favorite shows. They were both great, but have a slight preference for the first show.

There was nothing crude, vulgar or mean spirited about them. Just Bob Newhart as sane men (with beautiful smart wives) surrounded by a bunch of lovable oddballs.

And so many great characters. Larry and the Darryls. Mr Carlin, George and the Peeper, Stephanie and Carole, Howard and Michael.

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Always liked The Odd Couple. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman were fine actors playing funny characters. Well written classic comedy.

Had not thought about it on the list until now. It doesn't get shown much these days, so it's easy to forget how good it was. Was not edgy or hip when it was on, just a funny comfortable show. Deserves its place here.

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Rest in peace Peter.

The characters you gave us will live on. Thanks for bringing us a little enjoyment over the years.

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It appears that I'm not the only one who never heard of this show.

When the list started with WKRP, I thought this was going to be a really impressive list of shows. But lately it seems to be going downhill pretty quickly.