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Cool, thanks. Seems like an open-ear design would be nicer for calls (as long as the mic is awesome), but not as good for music if you use them for that. On the bright side, I'm sure you look like a DJ with your one-ear-off look on video calls! ;-)

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Which of those SS headsets have you found you like the best?

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Congrats, Jeff! They're lucky to have you.

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Not only did they screw all of us affiliates, but they also fucked themselves out of the income tax we paid on the affiliate income. If it really was $37.5M of income, that's probably at least $10M of tax revenue that's gone. Nice work.

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Wow. If I was on that beach, and had seen this cloud (without having ever seen a picture of one), I would be seriously contemplating the end of the world.

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I think it would require a different sort of display technology, too. As you've no doubt noticed on the kindle, the screen refresh is pretty slow...assuming that's a limitation of the current technology, they'll have to think of something new there.

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Hmm. I use a Kindle every thoughts on your list:

1. Color? Don't care. I mean, it would be cool, but not a game changer.

2. Video? No thanks. I want to read books on it. I've already got multiple devices that will play video just fine.

3. DRM workaround. Yes please!

4. Battery - for what it does today, the battery is fine.

I think for technical books, where you might have charts you need to refer to and such, the new Kindle DX will be just the ticket (it's a bit of a hassle on the existing one). Newspapers? Not sure...if they remain formatted the same way as the existing ones (I read WSJ on mine), don't think it will make a difference (my guess is they will come up with a different layout to take advantage of more space). For reading novels, though, I'll stick with the K2.

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I posted a response to this whole conversation here:

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Ha - if by "demolish" you mean "have almost caught up to even", then I suppose yes, your dart team is hitting its stride. :-)

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I've been using Wordpress myself - I think you'll like it. Can't wait for the presumed intense debate integration!