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Its all bs. If the tragedies werent taking place right now in Libya, these people would not be claiming the supposed embarrassment they have. I like how the embarassment article turns into promotional propaganda for her new crud. Also there is no mention that she will donate her fees to an outside organization, just a hint that she always donates to HER organization. Im tired of the fakeness of these people.

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I haven't heard of My Sister's Keeper, I'llhave to try and find it to check it out. I thought Hurt Locker was really good. To me, it did not seem like most of the normal war movies of late, the ones that continually make us look like the bad guys.

Oh yeah,I finally saw that Avatar movie last night, did not pay for it, my father in law rented it. If you watch it with a political mind, then you will recognize the depictions right away. If you don't, there was maybe like 2 parts in it that really drew out the politicalness of it. 1 was the 'greedy corporate' guy. The other was reference to us going to their planet to destroy it for our own wealth and prosperity, hurting whomever gets in our path. It was a pretty good flick, but you got to watch it with political blinders on.

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Thanks, I'll give it a read.

I understand whole heartedly the dealings of supply and demand. I usually do not agree with it, but I do understand it. But in this case, I could be wrong, my thoughts and views on it are different. I look at it from the whole picture, the current society runnings (current and past couple decades, since the 90's), and see how capitalism is no longer capitalism. IMHO, in the majority, capitalism has been taken over by the other side and turned into greed, look who teaches economics in the schools and universities now. True capitalism can thrive and handle it, thus providing a honest supply and demand process. But what is going on now, I don't feel comfortable with. I would prefer that we don't fully refine our stock, just keep it as reserve. So that when the worlds stock goes dry, or depletes enough to the point that they will force the increase in pricing, we can open the valves a little more to keep them in check, or revitalize our system. I feel that we should refine some, enough that keeps the plants in operational status and readiness. Plus, it will keep some people employed.

I have to stop trying to post when I am half asleep and can't keep a thought long enough.

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check the torrents, 1.5mb pdf file

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Heroes, Jericho, Married With Children (Gooooo Bundy!!!!! lol) Mash, Everybody loves Raymond, I love Lucy, Lie to me

Jarhead, Hurt Locker, Fast times at Ridgemont High, Friday, Matrix's, All the Star Wars, Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Dumb and Dumber, All the Nightmare on Elm Streets, Halloweens, and Friday the 13ths, Highlander,

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Got a link? I would like to read it. I actually am interested in this subject, among others, not just a 'drive-by' thought.

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This global financial governance would not be necessary if they didn't link all the economies in the first place.

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Wait a minute, what are you talking about here. The dollar, for some dam reason, is now gaining strength against the euro, at least. And that really urks the heck out of me. I moved to Italy 3 years ago, the dollar to euro was $1.29 to 1 euro, then peaked ( from what I remember) at $1.55 to 1 euro, and now that I am finally going to return back home for a few weeks this summer, it is now $1.32 to 1 euro. The market could at least wait until end of summer to strengthen the dollar, then I would be able to spend more, as would most of the tourists that come to the US this summer.

Besides, I never understood why investors never came to the US when the dollar flipped against the euro, and lost its strength against everyone else. The company I worked for before moving to Italy was an Austrian company and they took advantage of the weakening dollar by opening a manufacturing facility in Texas, thus employing ruffly 120 technical skilled people, not just laborers. But I am not a money man so maybe there is more to it than just common sense type thinking.

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Sorry about that, it wasn't directed at you, just a general statement/request/suggestion for whoever is listening that does have that control.

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Why are you all continually changing this link?! I mean seriously, I have my favorites tie directly into this link and I am having to continually update my link. Heck, one time it took me a week to figure out this happened. I could not understand why there were no new responses or anything. I thought vent was shut down or something.

Suggestion - stop doing it and leave the link alone. If you need to do housekeeping/cleanup, just do as it was done in the beginning and move/archive the past 2 or so weeks. But please stop changing the link.