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For asking what is considered a "fair share?"

You sound, and most likely are, a typical moonbat progressive who has nothing better in life to do than ask an inane question a week after the conversation...

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Which of those three is spelled out in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution as a responsibility of the federal government, rich?

Hint...2 of them aren't. One was called un-Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

Good luck...

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What is their "Fair Share?"

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The real issue is spending...which includes taking people's money in order to have it to spend it. Started about 70 years ago wholeheartedly, and we have been going dowhill ever since. It's the Constitution, Stupid, should be the rallying cry for anyone who really wants a change in DC.

It is the people's money. being spent un-Constitutionally, and has created monsters out of control like SS/Medicare. Entitlement nation. Look what happens when someone who is well-meaning suggests that we let folks (FREEDOM!) take SOME of their own money and invest in markets on their own for retirement! Look at the outcry you get from the statists who scream that we cannot let people have control of their own money...reason being is it will take away from the dependancy mindset progressives embrace. All rather sickening.

I personally wish every single imcumbent who voted for the TARP is thrown out. I love it when these "moderate" Republicans are being tossed overboard. Awesome. Dems will be routed this fall, but my prediction is that if the GOP does not make the hard decisions when they are in DC, they too will be thrown out. And should be...