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There are hundreds of great PATRIOTS on this site. I've diligently read all the posts to this thread so far. I know most if not all of us are ready. We must do everything possible to take back our great nation PEACEFULLY. This is extremely important.

I believe most of the marxist, socialist politicians are getting very worried about their chances at future elections. The delay in the "ObamaCare" Bill is HUGE. Attend the town hall meetings. Give your reps an earfull. But let us be peaceful about our love for our country. We all know we are READY. That is the LAST OPTION and most definately the "Worst Case Scenario". LET US ALL BE WATCHFUL & SPEAK OUT TO OUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN. Stay the course my fellow patriots. Pray to GOD daily and GET INVOLVED.

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Everybody here is RIGHT. The sales of ammunition and firearms in this entire country has not slowed down since November of 2008.

Be ready, but be level headed. Get involved. Read "The 5000 Year Leap" and encourage others to read it also. Educate the masses on what it means to be America. Educate the masses on why we have our Liberties and Freedoms. Suzie is really onto something with the "Stamp Peeve". We should all be doing that at the least. But get involved with your local politics too. It's just as bad there. We need to take our country back one town, city and county at a time. And we need to do it peacefully. Of course we are ready for the alternative. But let us all pray to GOD that does not happen.

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The politicians do need to be WATCHED AND MONITORED !!! Here is a very good website that will show you exactly how politicians are voting on current issues. You can set it up to watch whoever you want.


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You are right on target "dealwithit". I truly believe any person that calls themself a PATRIOT is ready to defend against tyranny. WE THE PEOPLE are fighting a war against enemies............... FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. Right now, I believe our greatest enemies are domestic. And of course, most other nations hate us, specifically because of our freedoms and liberties.


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Linda................ you are right. It is a terrible feeling. You can walk the streets of any town in America. You can see, feel and sense the concern............... just by watching people.

It should scare the h*!! out of any sane person. That is why we should all get as involved as we possibly can. The time for sitting back with a "wait and see" approach is LONG GONE. I've been saying this for quite a while now. I'm doing my best and I know hundreds on here are doing their best also.

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How many of you think or believe bho actually wants "Martial Law"? It certainly seems as though he is setting it up for exactly that.

That being said................. I wonder if he or his puppet masters have any real clue what would happen? IT WILL BE VERY BAD !!!!

We do not want this to happen. We do not want to take our country back by force. We want to do it by getting involved politically. But these fools have no real clue.................. even though we don't want to take our country back by force..................... there are hundreds of thousands of Americans that are getting very, very concerned.


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Suzie, what do you think about addressing this issue in a "Stamp Peeve". With lots of details about why this issue specifically is draining Billions from our economy. Just a thought.

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There are legal ways to become a citizen. And it does not matter which nationality we are talking about. An illegal alien (I WILL NOT REFER TO THEM AS UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS) is a total drain on the entire economic system. They get paid under the table. They pay no taxes on that money. And yet, they still receive all the free things I put in my original post. Most of them send at least half of the income they do make here, back to their home country. An illegal alien making just $10 per hour is as good or better than a working class AMERICAN making $25 per hour. This crap in UNBELIEVEABLE. It needs to be dealt with. Screw the Dems and their desire to get the amnesty votes. They will only use them while it is convenient, and then turn them out like they always historically have.

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lonewolf..................... that's my point. While we have them backing up on this socialist health care & cap and trade, we need to start asking this question. And we need to be SERIOUS about it. This is a huge issue. We need to get the politicians attention and let them WE ARE VERY PISSED ABOUT THIS. They are supposed to be representing the people that elected them. It's about time they started.

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Why is it that NO politician will tackle the issue of ILLEGAL ALIENS??? This single issue is costing all working Americans a lot of money.............. BILLIONS IN CALIFORNIA ALONE. Why? Why? Why? We need to push this one. They don't pay any taxes. They already receive FREE HEALTH CARE. FREE EDUCATION. FREE LUNCH PROGRAMS. WIC & FOOD STAMPS. Why? Why? Why? Show me in the CONSITUTION were it says or even remotely suggests illegal ailens somehow have the right. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with. NOW. Before the Dems & Libs pass a wide sweeping amnesty bill. There are protocols in place to become a naturalized citizen. DO IT OR LEAVE.