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461 weeks ago @ WGN-TV - Illinois' credit ratin... · 0 replies · +39 points

If Lincoln had known then what we know now, he would have gone to the theater much sooner!

464 weeks ago @ KTLA-TV - L.A. City Council Con... · 0 replies · +5 points

First was the increase in gas taxes. Now, they want a pothole tax.
Next will be a: guardrail tax, curb tax, roadside tax, construction tax, stop light tax, intersection camera tax, road reflector tax, asphalt tax, bike lane, tax tax, etc.

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A plate load of one grain of rice, with a side of tree. YUM YUM!

519 weeks ago @ Breitbart.tv - 'Conservative' David F... · 1 reply · +31 points

Monsterous ignorance cupled with epic stupidity. WOW!

520 weeks ago @ Breitbart.tv - Obama: 'I Didn't Overp... · 0 replies · +5 points

He didn't over promise, he under delivered ====> BUSH'S FAULT!

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It's amazing that the very people, who fail to do their duty, resort to the legal system to stop anyone else from trying to do what is not being done!

If this legal action stands up in court, Arizona may have to resort to secession from the union!

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There's no need for this guy to "lawyer up" because Holder is already planning to drop the case.

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Fifteen years ago, I saw an offensive Newt Gingrich sticker that said "NewTWIT."
Looking back, it now is a prescient display of an emerging leader, with a sorely needed clever sense of humor.

523 weeks ago @ Breitbart.tv - Scientists Create Worl... · 2 replies · -1 points

This report's claim that something is 100 lighter or 1000 times thinner, is erroneous!
A heavier object may have 100 times the mass of another, but that doesn't mean the lighter object is 100 times more massless.
And if something is 1000 times thinner than a human hair, then give an example of something that is 1 time thinner than a human hair.
These reporters are stupid idiots!

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This is a married couple who still loves, respects and is true to one another.
I'll bet the Cain's children resemble either the mother, father or combination there of...as compared to Chelsea looking like Webster Hubbell.