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Ruth Ginsburg's terminal cancer is just one more reason to consider the fact that we are all terminal. Life is such a brief moment that affords an opportunity to do good or evil. If you are a liberal atheist then you believe the lights just go out when you close your eyes that last time. If you are a person of faith, you know this life is not the end. Therein lies the the biggest difference between the two. Liberals have no accountability issues and so they worship the environment, kill the innocent and exercise any means necessary to prevail politically. Conservatives generally worship God, reverence life and step back, for the most part, from being unethical, dishonest or prevailing at all costs. I feel sorrow for Justice Ginsburg... not that she is dying, as we all will, but for what may await her on the other side. If there is a God and His word is truth, she has failed the test.

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You say vandal, I say ripoff artist. Is there anything original about Fairey's works? Of course the liberal progressives are without conscience or feel any obligation to do anything other than what advances their cause. The fact that he claims he wasn't paid has no bearing on a fair use claim. I hope the AP cleans this clowns clock. Don't you love to watch a couple of cannibals go after each other?

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What keeps the perps from just opening another account and how does anyone know if they have opened numerous accounts? How do we stop this?

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Just one more big disappointment from the man of hope and change. He stole my vote from me with dishonest rhetoric and promises he had no intention of fulfilling. Democrat claims of Republican's being corrupt are profoundly hollow. All of the corruption from Blogo to the latest is more than all the bad news from Republicans combined since they held control.

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I am so disappointed in President Obama. What he said and what he is doing are two different things. I voted for the man even though I am conservative, believing he was actually a new kind of leader. I find myself being fooled. As I sat on the fence not knowing which way to vote, Obama's words won me over. Now I find out his words were just words. The same old politics. My heart is crushed.<span class="idc-clear"></span>

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Mr. Obama will set our republic back to the FDR years. He is an arrogant liberal who believes in an America that never existed in the minds of its founders. He must be stopped and the only way is for conservatives to stand united against him.