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Well, I would believe that most conservatives think that the MSM's 'hands off' treatment of Obama (even comparing him to Reagan, now) is way overboard, embarrassing, and has been for three years. I realize Reagan wasn't a saint, I don't think that any conservative does. But, to honor this man and his true love for this country, not apologizing for our country around the world, is very appropriate, as was done this day. The comparison of Obama to Reagan by the liberal media...disgusting and pathetic. The two are polar some reading.

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Gary, you were great today!! My question to you is...what happened to Tom Hanks? I know he was a major influence in bringing recognition to the WWII memorial and did the 'Band of Brothers' and 'Pacific' series...but he seems to have gone off the liberal edge with the likes of Spielberg, et. al. (I still can't figure out why there are so many liberal would think that after witnessing one major government takeover, that would be enough for them).

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Grrrr baby, very Grrrr. Seriously, what a joke. Where's the NAACP...oh, yeah, they only protect liberal blacks (sorry, I do 'African-American'). Jesse and Rev. Al should be calling the NYT about this. Oh, much for libs being colorblind.

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I really hope the republicans do what they were sent to Washington to do. Their tremendous victory was not so much a vote for republicans, but a vote against Obama and his policies. Jarrett, Gibbs, Rahm, his rodent faced chief of staff (sorry, I can't remember his name) and Obama are all liars, pure and simple. The public has to wake up, too.

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Boehner doesn't have to do anything other than keep Obama from doing anything. Obama=veto. Make him veto a LOT!

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This guy was a twit before the election and has not disappointed in being as pathetic a spokesman as his boss has been as a president. The problem is not this administration, it's the ignorant Americans that vote these liberal liars into office. I use the term ignorant, to mean that they ignored all of the warning signs of this guy, ate up what the MSM was pushing and voted for Obama, anyway. If they wanted to ease their 'white guilt', I hope they are relieved on what kind of person they elected. I haven't heard much of the 'hope and change' mantra lately...but I digress.

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And yet Mika thinks that these countries have some kind of superiority over us neanderthals who are disrupting their 'freedom' of religion. I may be conservative, but I'm not a hypocrite in any way and I know what THAT right means. Let's say that in one of these 'Islamic Centers', an Imam preaches against the United States...would you think it's treason, you know, to preach of the destruction of this country? During the Civil War, Lincoln stated that the Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact...perhaps you should ponder just what he meant

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Say it! Say it! Say it!...sorry, I got caught up, Prof. You are exactly right! These monstrous bills, healthcare, cap and tax, and the goverment takover of industries have been in the wings for years. The stars aligned, the media puked out hate Bush propaganda for 7 years, the GOP picked McCain and the ignorant masses (who failed to any sort of critical thinking about know, the type of vetting process that should have been done before the election) voted for this 'hope and change' joker and this is what we got...two years of socialist government. Hopefully, it will be coming to an end in one month (but real change is still a ways away)...great avatar! (by the way)

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You're saying the Canadian system is better that ours?...better think again, insanity

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Mika-"how far our country hasn't come"????...What a complete stupid c**t. Where are the churches in Iran, Iraq or Saudi Arabia? How much further those countries have come, as far as human rights and freedom of religion? Take off the rose colored 'Mika' glasses. God she is stupid!