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Time for a good ol' fashioned bayonet charge.

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Some civilizations are more equal than others...

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Mitt Romney served his time as a Mormon missionary in France for several years, speaking French fluently. So for Robert Redford to claim his time spent in France as a 'student' influenced him is ironic. Yet another Hollywood clown who likes to make presumptuous statements without regards to the facts.

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A huge mistake? Well no kidding... It's only as worth as much as the advertisements (which people block especially with Firefox add-ons)

And I guarantee those advertisements were NOT worth anything close to a 1/10th of the $600 million you paid.

Dot Bomb 2.0

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Narcissism and politics seem to go hand in hand.

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Absolutely sickening. Spending is completely out of control. Milquetoast Republicans should have not given in. We're going to 'compromise' our way to complete irrelevancy and financial ruin.

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Another step in the right direction!

Now if they could simply cut the sheer number of public employees down to what is actually needed...

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Huntsman winning equals Obama's second term.

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Looking forward to seeing more about this! We have only begun to scratch the surface of Egypt's past.

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Any rival to the United States would love to see Obama re-elected. He and his followers have caused more damage to this country than anything the KGB could have ever hoped to accomplish.