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I would erase Crusaders of the Lost Mark from existence

Screw the polls, I hate that episode with a passion.

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well at least there's another 379 people who agreed with me.

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Thank you! Finally, someone who I can agree with.

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>leaving Vermont as the last State on the map without a pin


Clearly, I need to start a meetup at my college. Then we shall finally be able to declare the whole of the US as taken over by bronydom!

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miley stop


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As a proud American... I'd send them to Canada.

Americans would be such assholes to the ponies. The Canadians would be much more polite, I figure.

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That was incredible.

It's not even released yet and I can safely say that's my new favorite song of MLP.

Hell, that might have just surpassed House of Glass as my favorite song of all time.

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I love this frame. I feel like it's there just to prove once and for all that no one should take this episode seriously.

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The only prediction I will make is that this episode is going to be very devisive among the fandom.

People will either love it for skillfully including references to the fandom things we've created over the years

Or they'll hate it for overly pandering to the fans and sacrificing show quality in order to do so.

Personally, I'm in the former camp. Everything I've seen leads me to believe this episode is going to be awesome.

Let's hope I'm right.