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Best of luck with the new site, Calpain!

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That's awesome to hear. Rumor was that you had scrapped the project, so it's great to see that you've gotten it up and running!

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I totally forgot about her, but Thor pony is in fact best pony.

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I mean, you don't really need to announce that. You already did here. You just, you know, stop posting fetish related comments on a SFW site like EQD.

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"If that's the popular opinion around here"

It is. You can enjoy what you want, but in a public place, where kids are supposed to be able to hang around, it is not acceptable.

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"I don't like Molestia"

It's never bugged me that people actively dislike that blog. Hell, I never followed it much anyways. But it did really bug me that it was targeted and removed so unfairly.

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I get that. Everyone was saying the second was a ton better, but for me, it was just as unlikeable.

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Smooze was an adorable blob, but Celestia was the one who laughed when Discord made a jab at Twilight, so she's the one who takes the cake.

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Honestly, do we even know how an alicorn is made? From MMC, it looks like you need the elements of harmony, and those kinda don't exist anymore.

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"Equestria has more love than any place I've ever encountered"

Definitely enjoyable, and it blends really well with the events that happen later in Canterlot Wedding.