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Yes I'm with you MeJane, I can't believe it either. I tried to leave my opinion yesterday and they kicked it back said it was too long, what? After dumas sky wolf wrote a whole book just above our comments here. I have signed at least 1500 petions before and after the elections. I don't care what, who, or where is looking I am a VIETNAM ERA NAVY VETERAN or RIGHT-WINGED RADICAL RACIAL EXTREAMIST as Pelosie would have it! My Granddaddy was 105yrs old when he passed in 2005, he would have been the first to speak out agianst the atrocities comitted by this audacious man and all of his followers. We're just all redneck teabag wavers that don't know what the hell we are talking about, I served my country my step- dad, my real dad, both my Granddaddies, I come from a long line of PATRIOTS. I"M mad as hell and tired of getting lied to, and getting the wrong end of the stick......

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Yesterday I tried to leave a brief couple paragraphs, statement and the site kicked it back, told me it was too long. But yet some butt head can get on here and write a whole book of nothing but "BS" about us being paranoid, delussional,and crazy. What the hell is up with that? I"m not mentioning any names or anything (skywolf).

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OH yes Sir you are more than Welcome !! My best friend on NavyVets. com is a Marine. When you check us out type in D.John Maddalena in personnel. There are a bunch of OL' Marines there, we are all still OL' Veterans fighting for our country, and for what our Grandfather's came to this country for!!! We all signed that blank check and in my opinion I'm still holding mine as an American Patriot, or as Obama and his croonies call us "RIGHTWING RADICAL EXTREAMIST". They are damn right if that what it takes to save our country from the likes of what's in there now !! Thank you Sir, for your service to your country, and that's what makes us all Brothers, something most folks will never understand. You have a good day My Brother, God Bless our Country, and you and yours.

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SO What The Heck is he still doing in there as the President??? When are " WE THE PEOPLE " going to stand up and impeach his sorry butt & his croonies????? What the H---- are we going to do sit around on our hands agian and let him run our country completely off in the ditch??? Everyday he sits in there, he puts us a little further in the hole, come on people wake up, this" oh well we'll do it tomorrow" attitude is killing us and our country. WE SURROUND THEM- WE SORROUND THEM- WE THE PEOPLE SORROUND THEM- GOD HELP US ALL

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I hear what your saying OL ' Marine. Something needs to be done to stop all this, "damage control " if you know what I mean? " WE THE PEOPLE" need to move to impeach this idiot before he sinks the ship. I enjoy reading your remarks, they are right on the mark ( even if nancynurse didn't like them). I would like to formally invite you to join us OL' Navy & Marine Veterans on We also get into some heated conversations over what is going on in our fine Country. We have over 1000 members now,& would like very much to welcome you aboard, you may run into some ol' buddies. And it's free all ad benies go to Veteran programs. Please Sir, come check us out. I'm a Vietnam Era Navy Veteran, served on the USS Lexington (CVT 16) '71-'73 trianing & qualifing all Navy & Marine pilots to send to the Nam.

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She really doesn't get it Ol' Marine. Sir I get it and never stepped a foot in the ' Nam,the whole 4 yrs. I spent in the Navy. I was on the USS Lexington CVT16, our whole mission was to carrier qualify Navy & Marine pilots to send to Vietnam. This gal evidently doesn't know the meaning of the saying "Some gave a little, Some gave All " . I would like to invite you Sir to come check us out at and join us and many other Navy & Marine Vets from all wars. Semper Fi, Marine ( By the way, it's a free site)

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That's what happens when you throw your face into it. DAH

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I hear yea Old Marine, and I know for myself Vietnam Era Navy Vet, would show up with my pickup and my Navy stickers to help out his cause. This kind of BS is getting way out of hand, I'm with you I have had a belly full of this sort of dumas attacks on our freedom. Whom ever signed that letter should be ashamed to even go out in public, much less be over the HOA ( the big bunch of BS). Even if I could afford to live in one of those fancy dancy places, where you buy a lot to build a home, the first thing they hand you is a book telling you what you can't do on your own land. Just can't for the life of understand the point. You have a good day Sir, Semper FI

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I hear ya, BillyD. Ted Nugent, Tim Mcgraw, Chuck Norris, some one that still believes in " We The People " and what our Fore Fathers fought for. I believe we need to clean house up there on the hill, go by their record as being for the people,and if they can't pull their wieght or are getting sucked into the machine,get shed of their ass.

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I hear ya, OldMarine. I'll give you a 4/0 on your comments for bwashi2. Funny how the race thing keeps popping up, for something that's not about race. Bwashi2 reminds me of the African- American ( Blackgirl) My wife and I saw in a fast food store after hitting the polls to vote for Mccain- Palin. A tee shirt with Obama's pic on it,with the caption " Obama's my Homie " You go OldMarine this Navy Vet is behind ya.