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About two years ago, then comptroller general of the U. S. David Walker tried to tell President Bush and congress that our country was on the verge of bankruptcy. Since then he has been telling anyone who would listen (search his name on youtube for videos). In the meantime Bush and Obama have tripled the debt and tripled the deficit. If we were on the verge of bankruptcy then, where are we now?
I urge all to get on the phone or email and let your congressman and senators know that you disagree with this tax-and-spend our way out of debt while creating the greatest boondoggle (Obamacare) in world history. We are witnessing history before our very eyes. While we scream and yell and pull our hair out, our representatives are voting to bankrupt us all. They care more about party politics than the very survival of the republic that got them there in the first place. They'd rather be rulers of a failed nation than give up the lobbyist gravy that they've become addicted to.

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In my opinion, voting for something that you haven't read amounts to treason - at the very least dereliction of duty. One should be punished by firing squad (I like hanging better, it's more dramatic). The other should be automatic firing. Don't even go through an impeachment hearing, the evidence is already there - no reason to debate the definition of "is".

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How about the Constitution Party? It has a long way to go before becoming arrogant enough to ignore its constituents, unless big lobbies get behind it and swell its head.

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I'm currently reading Senator DeMint's new book, "Saving Freedom". This is a great dissertation on freedom vs. socialism, and where we stand today in the U.S. He makes a good point that we in America have been lulled into a belief that we somehow deserve something more than we should from the government - so the Rep's and Dem's compete to deliver, in order to get votes. Principles go out the window.

What's even more ridiculous: businesses, and business organizations, that would thrive (and create more jobs) with less government, give money and support to politicians who have an opposite attitude - because these companies want to be on the winning side. They figure they can better lobby for what they want if they have a stake as benefactor to the politician. Again, principles go out the window.

It works in the short term, but eventually the government gains control over the company (socialism). See anything familiar here?

It's a shame that the Libertarian and Constitution parties haven't been able to get traction.

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The common ground should be the constitution. And if we had an amendment allowing government only a certain reasonable percentage of the GDP, so that they can't bankrupt us, then I don't really care if they waste some of it. They're acting like kids in a candy store - so give them an allowance.

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"MAYBE it is because they are listening to us and growing a conscience" When donkeys fly. Anyone who would vote for an earth-shaking bill without even reading it has no conscience. And anyone who would defy the constitution after pledging to uphold it is a traitor and should be shot at sunrise!
"MAYBE it is because they are worried about their reelection chances" That's right. Unfortunately, there may not be enough of those to stop the train. But we can always hope - AND WRITE OR CALL OUR REPRESENTATIVES EVERY DAY, LETTING OUR VOICES BE HEARD.

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One World Order has been building for decades:
1- World Bank
2- World Health Organization
3- World Trade Organization
4- Codex in EU being pushed our way via WTO
5- EU - grand experiment in getting many countries under the control of one unelected bureaucracy (if Hitler had only known it could be this easy)

The interesting part: how many dictatorships are paying into or taking part in the above organizations? They're not idiots like us. When N. Korea and Iran buy into One World Order, it'll be when they are running the show.

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Sounds great! We need to stop eating so much sugar anyway - better to burn it in our cars.
1- Their website includes the statement, "commercially available within the next few years." How many are a few?
2- Is the technology already proven to be cost competitive, as they also say on their website? Is this with or without taxpayer subsidies?

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So much for the "Rule of Law". I got this email from FAIR Legislative Update []:
Schumer Pushes Amnesty Bill by Labor Day, Despite the Objections of the American People
Last week, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, declared that he expects to have a new amnesty bill ready by Labor Day. (The Associated Press, July 8, 2009). This announcement came on the heels of a report released by an Independent Task Force of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (The Washington Post, July 9, 2009), co-chaired by former Florida governor Jeb Bush and former Clinton White House chief of staff Thomas McLarty. The Task Force concluded that an amnesty program "is necessary and warranted for many illegal immigrants living in the United States." (Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force Report No.63, July 8, 2009).

We're the only country in the world that gives automatic citizenship to a baby born of an illegal immigrant. Now, as a practical matter, we're going to give citizenship to the parents as well. They're already eligible for food stamps, health care... I'm about ready to move to New Zealand and give them the whole country! If it weren't too far from the grand kids, I'd have already gone!

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Actually, there are many all across the country who are taking unpaid leave in order to save their jobs. A manufacturing plant near me is on an every-other-week schedule, and friend of mine is off every second Friday, without pay. And I'm one of the millions on unemployment (since Dec). They're not getting much from this household this year. Problem is, they don't care because they can just print the money they need until they bankrupt us all.