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WOW!! Don't threats violate TOS???

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I've long held the belief that dogs are proof that Man is favored of all of God's creations. If He did not love us so much He would not have given us the wonderful companionship of dogs........

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I remember Reagan being very good at handling the press. He never got pissy when reacting to them. To me, the Speaker looked pissy. Like he was stooping to their level. I want to see a candidate rise above the BS, not get pissy over it. That is what President Reagan did, rose above it.

I don't know which disappoints me more. The negativity here, or that my response of respectful disagreement was also given thumbs down. This is the very first post I've generated that has received negative feedback here. Rather than ask why I felt this way, just give a thumbs down?? Isn't that a more of a tactic from the left?? Peace and long life to everyone that posted...no ill will from me. Be Safe, God Bless...T

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We, respectfully, disagree gentlemen.... ;^)

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I thought the Speaker hurt himself by looking petty with those remarks. When he stayed on point he was solid. Too bad he can't stop playing politics long enough to lead....

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Not only is he pathetic, my dog leaves a more compelling talking point when he takes a dump in the back yard....

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I think I see another "BIG" site coming our way...BIGSharpton. a site dedicated to Al's flubs....

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Al's workin' the purple drank.....

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Agreed!! LOVE HER!! This administration simply does not care about business. It has an agenda, and it's sticking to it.

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LOVED the NBC montage, and low fat Al at the end...BRILLIANT!!