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check out It is run by a man named Steven Pratt. Look in you 5000Year Leap books and you will find he help do some research for it. He gose all over the country doing seminars and class about American History and Politics. The websites tells you when he is going to be in your area. I strongly suggest that you go and hear what he has to say.

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I have been becoming more involved with my community and if I decide to run for any public office I will do it under "No Party"and I plan to only serve two terms no matter what. I believe that the party systems is what has gotten us here. Like Glen said what choice did we really have bewteen the Republican and the Demorcats. They are two sides of the same coin. Reserarch your canidates and ask what do they stand for, what do YOU STAND FOR? George Washington warned us about aliging ourselves with parties I say get rid of the two party system and vote your conscience. If your vote your conscience then you will never waste your vote, a vote of fear is a wasted vote. If you want to get those 500 people in wahsington to listen then throw them out if they have served more than 2 terms. It took 150 years to create this mess and it is going to take a long time to clean it up but we have to start somewhere.

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I believe that as citizens we must self educate our selves and not relay on any public or private education to teach us all the right things. I bought 10 book of The 5000 Year Leap and 10 books of Common Sense along with lots of Pocket Constitutions I got read of 15 books in 2 hours and gave the rest to my family. People are looking for inforamtion and I believe that any of the orginal founding documents can contribute. Be an example to the world of what it means to be an American. It is not about party it is about freedom and the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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On July 4, 2009 I am going to set up a table and start giving books like The 5000 Year Leap, Comman Sense, and the US Constitution away. Peopole need to read and educate themselves on what is happening. Many will not buy these books but maybe giving them away will help. Those people will get a book, then they will pass it around. Tell me what ya'll think.

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To anyone who want to learn more about American History and the Constitution go to It is taught by Steven Pratt He helped Cleon Skousen writter of The 5000 Year leap.

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If anyone from Utah is in the 9-12 project please call your representative and tell them that We the people want our own protection on gun laws and that we want them to pass a resolution to get rid of the income tax. Just like Judge Napaltano said on Glen Beck. All other pleas do the same. All we need is a2/3 majority then they have to listen to us.
If anyone live in Beaver County Utah contact me through this website.

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Please Don't use this message board for an agenda, this message board is to remember those that were lost on that tragic day. What happened at Columbine is way bigger than debating weather God should be allowed in school or if parents are not teaching their childern, people died that day and I think that it is a great dishonor to their memory to becker about who was right and who was wrong. I was a freshman in high school when Columbine happened. A few friends were at my house eating luch and watching TV when the live feed started coming on. I can remember everything when I saw that. Now I am almost 25 and I remember. God Bless those that were lost, bless the families who were left to deal with the mess their sons left behind, bless those that responded to the school, bless the students & teachers who tried to save eachother. Please, everyone just have a few kind thoughts is you minds and hearts for all of those affected by Columbine, don't pcik a fight. Just remember and mourn those bight students and couragous teachers who went to school only never to come home.

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You don't need to go to the big cities to be apart of the Tea Parties. If you live in a small town put one together. THat is what we are doing in Beaver County Utah. Hopefully. If this country gose down hill the only thing going to hold it together is the small communities. The big Tea Parties will get the publicity but the majority of people should hold a Tea Party in their community.

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Could someone please tell me how in GODs name do people like John Mertha, Chuck Shumer, Barny Frank and Chris Dodd ever get reelected. These men have insulted, ignored and flatout lied to their constiuants. So why, if you live in their states, would you ever vote for them. I wouldn't even vote them as city dog chatchers. Why isn't anyone calling for an investigation. We all need to start demanding the truth and respect from all of our politicans. I have one more thing to get off my chest. When the then Senator Obama said that people in the Mid-West "cling to their guns and religon" how dare you sir? How dare you Mr. Obama What do you think people will turn to when everything gose down the drain? We will need our guns not only for protection but to feed our families and we will need religon to give us comfort in the trying times to come. Notice how quickly he dropped Jerimiah Wright as soon as his religon got in the way? I am proud to cling to my guns and religon and in the words of Chaleton Heston "Out of my cold dead hands."

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6)A congressional committee will be set up to give ALL candidates running for President equal amount of money, the rest will be raised by personal financing or donations only.
7)No Presidential budget shall pass without a vote by the people or by the states. We should not have money pushed down our throats if we do not want it.
8)All foreign bases will be shut down and our troops brought home or sent to an ongoing conflict.
9)The National guard that are from Border States will help the Border Guards.
10) TheSupreme Court will be required to have a review by the states. Decisions that conflict with the people will go through the reversal process stated in the Constitution. The Justices will also have their personal conduct reviewed.