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It does not matter where you are get people together and let your voices be heard.

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I agree, but you know that there would be possible someone that would like to start a problem to make it turn ugly. And even if it does not I have a fear that if we take on DC. The inside the Beltway police will step up and claim marshall law and could cause someone to get hurt. It is such a shame that DC has now become so that it feels as though it is its own country.

I think we should do a surround the beltway protest. Not set foot on DC but surround them and let them feel the squeeze. In PA we are going to get Specter to feel the squeeze starting now. 2010 is going to be a wild run and races all over the country. We just need to get people to understand, do not just vote the bad back in because we know how bad they are. Let's take them out and give some help to Congressman Pitts and the guys that are showing their strengths.

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Absolutly, I am ready to move from PA right now. I would like to move to a state that believes in the truth that America was founded on. My business will travel with me. At least there they are willing to allow for people to move forward with their dreams and create jobs.

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Margie, If you are in PA please contact me. I can possibly help with some things. Let me know.

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Those countries to not want them back. If we want to return them to a country that will want to execute them we have zealous people that will not allow that, we have to be "kind to them". Like the day my friends died because they went to work. I think those that will be sent back to assured execution should go first, In Gitmo they should have pictures of all of the people they killed on their walls to see everyday as a reminder, but they would take that as a badge of honor.