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"In essence, Gen. Stanley McChrystal fired himself....'Steven R. Hurst has written about international relations for 30 years.'"

Aw c'mon Steven R. Hurst, you've been covering international relations for 30 years and you write tripe like 'In essence Gen. Stanley McChrystal fired himself' what a joke! Obama merely 'made the announcement'! For crying out loud can't you face this president accepting responsibility for anything. He fired the man and we all know why! While we are at war, the economy is in freefall, and the gulf an ecologic nightmare our dear President busies himself traveling, partying, and playing golf, and AP writers like you dilly dally with political spin!

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I could care less "where Bill Clinton decided to consentually place his wing-want" however his perjury was more than enough grounds for impeachment, and quite frankly the man should be in jail.

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I wonder if he worries about treason, oh he probably doesn't even know the definition of the word...dumb de dumb dumb!

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Thanks to site's from Andrew and others I can't see ever going back !!!

Applause enoughallready! I completely concur.

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JLo...you'll never get another dime from me! I really liked your perfume but now it's taken on a putrid smell, very unbecoming but then so are you these days.

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"let the majority vote and not judges or Congress" In California (Prop 8) the majority vote is in so it's no longer a matter of 'let the majority vote' but 'the majority have voted'...we should all decry any that are trying to overturn that majority vote!

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I gave up on the MSM years ago! Busy pushing their own political agenda they kept from people information needed to make an informed vote, while creating 'news' to spin the thinking of the masses. Now they scratch their heads and wonder why the folks are turning the channel, and cancelling their subscriptions while laughing at the New York Times. The Times, and alphabet channels held back the Edwards story while the NE pursued it, and broke the story...ROFLOL, now that's a media whose day has come and gone.

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The only 'insecure mean-spiritedness' I've encountered since the voters made their decision is from those refusing to accept that 'we the people' of California have spoken.

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There's the debate no-one seems to want to have, just where did the institution known as "marriage" come from...oh no, we mustn't open that door. It's the first question I ask when someone brings up the issue of 'gay marriage' .

"Just where did we humans get this institution we know as marriage?" You should see the look on their faces as their mind starts to spin....Is it a institution brought about by the 'state' or ...?

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Conan - Leno - NBC - I'm done with ALL of them. Blocking the channel so it can't come on in my house even by accident!